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When it comes to shopping Birmingham is one of the most popular locations with its incredible variety of shops available and the Bullring Shopping Centre. Same Day Courier Birmingham businesses such as allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service are used to helping people out when they have underestimated the amount of items that they have bought and struggle to get them all home with them in the car.

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Some of the most exciting news to hit the city in terms of shopping recently is that the world’s largest Primark store has recently opened its doors. The accolade of world’s largest is not one that has been given lightly and the store has in fact been given a Guiness World Record. It is definitely worth a trip to see.

The store covers an impressive 161,000 square feet and is built over a total of five floors. It is not only the largest Primark store in the world but the Largest Fashion Retail Store across any brand in the world. The store is so large that is even has its own cafe that is based around the theme of Disney, a beauty studio and ever a barbers shop. A visit to the store can really be an all day experience with a spot of lunch in the middle and perhaps a bit of pampering as well.

Primark opened the doors to its very first store in Dublin back in 1969 and was first called Penney’s. After their popularity soared and the company took the decision to move outside of Ireland they rebranded to Primark. Since then is has become a fashion brand that offers modern styling at affordable prices. Since they first began the stores have branched into menswear childrenswear, beauty and home products as well as womenswear. Stores have open up in around eleven different countries across Europe and in North America and its popularity continues to grow.

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One of the reasons the brand is able to keep its clothing prices to a minimum is that the company is careful about the advertising that it takes part in, the package is kept to a minimum and where possible removed completely and as of yet they do not offer an online shopping option.

In order to help the environment Primark operates a system whereby any items that can not be sold are collected by their delivery vans and returned to the warehouse where they are donated to charity. The also use sustainable sourced cotton for most of their clothing.

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