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The simplest way to describe the vacuum conveyor system is thus. It is about the mass movement of large items that are not solid. These include liquid chemicals, pellets such as animal feed, tablets for pharmaceutical uses such as mass produced paracetamol, fine powders like salt, sugar or baby milk powder or any type of small elements that require transport. This is sent via a system of hoses and tubes usual from a hopper. If you think that you need a vacuum conveyor then a visit to the https://www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/vacuum-conveying/ website will give you all the guidance you need for installation and type.

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The vacuum system works via the use of air. This air is blown though the tubes via a vacuum pump. This creates a large amount of air that flies at high velocity down the tubes pushing the product in front of it. The vacuum is there to stop any of the substances escaping from the tubes, as this would create a significant mess and also contaminate the substances being transported.

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How does the system actually work? It falls into two categories the first being the Dilute Phase Conveying method. How it works is by bringing the substance into the tubes and propelling the substance down the pipes to its delivery location. This system is best used for powder or granulated stuff like sugar and flour. The other is the Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying system. Rather than blow the substance in the air this system pushes a contraption known delightfully as a “slug” through the tubes to the required destination at a very high speed. Having said that, it is a bit slower than the dilute systems so as not to dislodge the product inside and damage it.

What is the process? This runs in three stages

  1. The vacuum tube is loaded with the container or the dilute substance is added.
  1. The Conveying begins moving the substance or container down or up the tube.
  1. The substance/Container reaches the destination and is ready to be discharged.

The use of the vacuum is quite ingenious. It allows for the air to push the substance and product through a filter to remove any foreign objects and potential contaminants that may have entered the system. A blast of air cleans the filter in-between uses ensuring that it is always clear. A separator distinguishes when the substance or unit has passed to the delivery destination and shuts off the vacuum automatically.


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