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Legal consultants are widely used in both large and small businesses to provide the business owner with information and advice necessary to run the business legally and to understand the laws surrounding the business. Some business owners may not believe that they need a legal consultant. However, hiring a reputable one can actually pay for itself by helping the owner avoid costly legal battles.

What Is a Legal Consultant?

A legal consultant is a type of lawyer. However, most consultants work as independent contractors and, as such, are able to provide advice without any conflicts of interest. Most legal consultants hold juris doctorate degrees in the field of law, and many have passed a bar examination. In addition, these consultants have several years of experience, both as a lawyer and in the specific field of consulting that they wish to pursue. Of course, legal consultants are paid well for their level of knowledge, skill and expertise.


Types of Legal Consultants

Just as in many fields, legal consultants have a variety of specialties. Before they begin working independently, most consultants determine which field interests them and gain practice working with a current consultant. Varieties of fields require help dealing with litigation, insurance, taxes and more, and consultants must be well-versed in the laws that apply to that field. Some of the top fields in which legal consultants work include, nursing, technology, marketing, corporate, human resources, real estate and finances. Because legal codes change every year, consultants must stay abreast of new laws and must have continuing education. In addition, some legal consultants, such as the firm of shahram shirkhani and alavi, provide international legal consultation, which is helpful for companies with business interests overseas and those that operate in several countries simultaneously.

Jobs Performed by Legal Consultants

In general, legal consultants are hired to look at an actual or potential problem in a company and come up with a solution for it. Their focus is on results for the company that hired them and, as such, they are very task oriented. When they are hired, they will analyze the problem and determine a legal solution by drafting and reviewing legal documents, researching applicable laws, resolving ongoing litigation and learning about and implementing new laws as they come into effect.

Benefits of Hiring a Legal Consultant

It is in the best interest of many companies to hire a legal consultant. These consultants can deal with paperwork, legal codes and potential litigation, thereby freeing up the time of the other employees to focus on their work. Legal consultants are well-trained to perform these tasks quickly and effectively. Because consultants come from outside the company, they can provide a new viewpoint and may be able to see problems and solutions from a new perspective. They are also great at designing and implementing compliance programs for large companies.

Because many business owners, particularly those with small businesses, do not understand what a legal consultant does, they may be hesitant to hire one. However, these professionals can quickly come up with solutions to problems that may have stumped companies for many months and can deal with litigation effectively to minimize costs for the company. With legal consultants available in so many areas of expertise, almost any company can benefit from their services.

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