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A better way to title this article would be What Can’t you do with a Degree in Business? because a business degree is extremely versatile.  That being said, a business degree is absolutely wonderful! The degree gives you the opportunity to work in many different fields and can be applied to the many different passions that you may have. Why? Because every field of work needs people that know how to…wait for it…conduct business! A good business program will train students in the basics of accounting, managing, finance, ethics, and marketing; all skills that are currently in sky-high demand. Read on to learn the various ways you can apply your business degree.


Every business at the end of the day is selling something. A college is selling education to its students.  A sports team is selling entertainment to their fans. A restaurant is selling food to their guests. The list goes on and on. Sales is a great profession to apply your business degree. Selling is all about connecting and building relationships with your customers so you can then add value to your customer’s life (via a sale). If you are a skilled salesman, you will have a very prosperous life. Top salesman easily make well over six figures. Now I’d buy that!


Do you have a knack for counting money? Are you fascinated with cash flows? Can you balance a budget in your sleep? If so, accounting may be the field for you. Accounts are financial-literate beings that are responsible for the book-keepings of a business. I have great news for you; every business needs a good accountant.  A skilled accountant will never be without work and is often considered one of the most valuable employees in an organization.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Business


Have you ever been shopping and bought an item just because you appreciated their marketing? Maybe it was the jingle that’s stuck in your head that lead you to the cash register. Maybe it was the color scheme of the product that caught your eye. Maybe you’ve seen the same commercial so many times that it is permanently scarred into your retinas. Effective marketing is a thing of beauty. Chances are you own products simply because you appreciate the brand! Marketers are responsible for the price, product, promotion, and placement of the good they represent.  Marketing is the cousin of sales; without effective marketing, the consumer will be unaware that there is even a good to buy! If marketing sounds appealing to you; I encourage you to obtain a degree in business.


Are you the type of person that can be trusted? Maybe you are the person that is a natural leader. Or perhaps you are a big picture thinker and can see business and sectors as a whole. If this sounds like you, you should consider applying your business degree in management. A good manager can be likened to a rock star for their company. They are responsible for analyzing the strengths and weakness of their team, have input on difficult decisions, they are in charge of motivating their coworkers and generally making sure that business gets done. Marylhurst University is a great place to begin to build your managing skills. Every organization appreciates an effective manager and an effective manager will not worry about finding employment.

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