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This is a different guide that aims to help you have the right mindset to make money with a blog. You must know, in the first place, that all of us who dedicate ourselves to blogging have started from scratch and we have to constantly adapt.

You can start with a blog for a hobby, because you like it, because you want to make it profitable or for any other excuse. After a while, surely, you will have different concerns and maybe you are interested in making your work profitable.

If so, you must have a mission, set goals and attainable goals, it is a business with your blog. These are or should be the logical steps to start turning your blog into a profitable business.

Step 1 – Create a blogprofitable business

Creating a blog is not difficult, today there are many methods and sites that provide you with the right paths to create a blog. Another very different thing is to create a successful blog from which you attract attention, get permanence from your readers and maybe, why not, from future buyers.

Of course, if we are in the process of converting your blog, it is assumed that you have already used or are doing it, some of the known platforms, it is time to present a serious project and therefore it is time to buy a hosting and a domain. You are giving credibility to the business of your blog …

Step 2 – The ideaprofitable business

The main idea of your blog is important. You must know what type of content is right for your niche and how you are going to provide it to give the maximum value to your readers. At this point, it would be ideal to use a set of media that will help you with all the work.

The template is important because it is the first thing you see, like the colors that represent it. The format and organization of it will facilitate access and navigation through your pages.

SEO can be a great help, in the same way as certain plugins that can facilitate a part of the work. Your blog must be found in different ways where keywords play an important role.

Your content should provide value, more than the competition and should or should follow a series of “patterns”. The title, description, goals and labels, subtitles, images, videos and all those items that you think can make you stand out.  Continue reading- 5 Tips to Make Your Business More Productive

Step 3 – The contentprofitable business

Leaving a little aside from the technical details cited on the content, this should convey the same passion with which you write. Your reader has to feel identified in some way with your blog and your content. At the end of the day, this, the content, is the basis of any blog, including yours as a business.

With the content you attract visitors, they carry out a series of actions on your blog so that you can finally see the benefits. Read your articles, click on your links, maybe subscribe to your newsletter. Who knows if any of them buys any of the products you promote.

Writing is therefore important as is the way you write. You must transmit sensations, passion, interest, generate attention. The images can help you to represent certain situations. The titles are ideal to arouse curiosity, subtitles inform important parts. Keywords help to be found in search engines.  It is important for the blog to turn into a profitable business.  It is important for the blog to turn into a profitable business.

Size matters, the ideal would be to write an article that goes over 1,000 words since this way you have more space to talk more in detail about the topic you are dealing with. In addition, you can put more keywords with which you will position and more variations that will help your reader understand better than you are talking about.

Step 4 – Capture of prospectsprofitable business

We define prospects as people who show some type of interest in your content. A blog understood as the business must attract customers with whom you can contact and interact. The easiest and most effective way is the list that you should be creating little by little.

With this list, you can send constant useful information to your followers or subscribers. You can establish a close relationship that will enhance your credibility and confidence. Finally, your subscribers will become your customers buying what you recommend.

Step 5 – Preparing sales and pre-sales

Either directly on your blog or for your subscriber list, you need to prepare your sales. On the one hand, on the blog, you can put your banners or images that they send directly to the interested people to the related products.

You can even create specific reviews of certain products to help the possible interested party making the decision. You can also use the banners and images to send them directly to the reviews mentioned. There are many ways.

If you already have your created list, you should think about the series of emails that you are going to send them. An email must contain, in the first place, valuable information, secondly, an indication to a promotion, in this order.

Creating series is not as easy as it seems, these can be in different ways. The most used are series of between 5 to 10 emails for a list interested in a product. In a bulletin changes the system a little.

Ideally for the list of your newsletter would be to create unlimited and updated series. It is advisable that these emails carry a link that sends them to your blog in a related article or that contain privileged information that does not exist on your blog. Either of the two forms cited has value.

To create your sales and presale pages or landing pages, you need a powerful tool to help you. A professional page gets more conversions than any other, the problem is that you must know programming to create them. With Profit Builder all these problems you solve in one go.

Profit Builder is a plugin for WordPress with which you can create any type of page in a few clicks as if it were a professional. Anyone can use it, it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s professional and it will help you not waste your time and get more performance in all aspects.

Step 6 – Interest and attention

A blog understood as a profitable business must always be in search of the attention that awakens the user’s interest so that finally it focuses on the product or service that you are offering. By attracting attention you get it to stay longer in your pages, increasing the conversion options.

There are different marketing tools and media that help you capture that attention. You can use professional images, specific calls to action, videos embedded in your articles, take care of the presentation of your blog, work on creating the best content with useful information. It is important for the blog to turn into a profitable business.

In all the systems that you use to draw attention, you should make it see the reader, even repeat it or remind him several times. For example, a subscription form in the sidebar, another in the center of the article, one at the end of it.

Your articles should include a call to action, people should be reminded and directed to take it, for example, at the end of an article you can have them subscribe, tell them to see this or the other related article, invite them to see a certain product.

The titles, subtitles or descriptions help you establish a first contact that can be decisive both to increase the permanence and for the visitor to perform some kind of action. Registration forms, pop-ups, some striking professional images, are components that help you with this whole process.

You can be more creative than the average by incorporating moving images, custom gifs or buttons that speak or change color. You can incorporate custom scripts that appear in certain areas of the page surprising and indicating some kind of recommendation or some relevant information, these techniques are very fashionable and work very well.

In summary to turn your blog into a profitable business

To be successful with a blog and turn it into a profitable business you not only have to create a blog, it must be prepared for the visitor in a creative and current way. You must have a clear idea and set goals and objectives that you can reach. Be consistent with your work and adapt to meet the needs of your readers.

Choosing the right niche is a first step that will help you with the strategy to follow. This should be related to what you like most or what you must know so that it is easier for you to create and continue. A blog takes a lot of work and maintenance to make it work. Those tips must follow if you want to turn your blog into a profitable business.

Offering unique content is one of the most important parts of a blog, it will bring you the visitors you need to make your blog profitable. You can also use other forms of paid or free traffic to attract visitors. Remember that a blog without visits is like a business without customers.

The presentation of the page counts and must be in relation to what you propose. A very nice page with nothing to offer will not do much good. Excellent content without a good presentation will not work very well. The idea is to achieve a balance between all the possible factors of your blog.

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