It does not try to use a tool for each area of ​​our work, and see how magically start being more productive, if not rather is a learning process by which get to have our neatest ideas, establish a timetable for daily tasks and assess the achievement of our goals.

Business StrategyIn any case, we must learn to combine a series of tools that allow us to leverage our full time and gradually will increase our productivity.

Things you learn along the way

  • Change your habits, have a system: It is necessary to devote time to study our system work. It is quite normal that we should go slowly changing habits, or correct processes and details that increase the efficiency of time we spend at work and therefore increase our productivity.
  • May your productive hours are of quality: Be of little use to many hours at the computer while distracted thinking about other things or your environment is full of distractions that keep you focus your efforts on what you had planned to do that day. In such cases it is better to leave it and go about doing other things that save us time later.
  • If it is not programmed, leave it for later: It is normal that you get new information or think of ideas that take you to interrupt your tasks and you deviate your daily goals, but in these cases you must learn to separate those distractions and leave them stored to resolve them when you touch.
  • Be careful, Rate yourself: You should take time to evaluate your own work, a weekly evaluation lets you see progress with your project and plan the next week.

3 Must Tools

Hootsuite: Even if you do not use to manage your social networks, I will tell you you’re wasting much time you can devote to other things. Because this tool allows you to schedule the publication of your message on how many profiles you have, besides incorporating other great advantages, such as analytical.

Evernote: If you have your desktop full of pages and post it threaten to clog the screen of your computer. It’s time to start using this tool because it allows you to spend all those ideas to an orderly and accessible structure.

Google Calendar: If you really care about your productivity must use a tool that will provide a calendar of pending tasks. But in this case the options are much broader, as it allows us to publish a calendar on the web with our events, create calendars with your team, schedule meetings, etc.