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You can have a top class menu, fantastic ingredients and highly efficient staff, but this won’t matter if you don’t have appliances that work properly. It’s essential that all the appliances in your commercial kitchen, including the warewasher, are fit for purpose and that you conduct regular maintenance.

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If your warewasher isn’t maintained properly, it could result in it not working effectively or it could stop working altogether, which would be disastrous for your kitchen and hold up service.

Benefits of maintenance

Even if you have one of the newer commercial warewashers, which are more advanced than previous models, they will still require some level of maintenance. However, new machines will have some automated systems to make maintenance quicker and easier.

The heat-recovery system coils are a vital component of warewashers and should be cleaned regularly, to keep the machine working correctly. Pressurised air can be used to remove debris or you can place the coils in warm soapy water.

The blower dryers in commercial warewashers, also need to be correctly maintained to ensure the temperature is right.

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Another area to keep an eye on is the pumped final rinse, as debris and pieces of food can build up quickly over a period of time. Eventually, this can prevent your appliance from working effectively, but the rinse nozzles can easily be cleared out to prevent this happening.

Correctly loading the warewasher will also help to prevent any issues, as washing nozzles can become blocked if it’s incorrectly loaded. If you find that any of the hoses on your appliances are broken or not working as effectively as they once did a quick call to a Silicone Hose Manufacturer will see this part replaced in know time and your equipment back up and running.

Maintenance routine

The best way to ensure your warewasher is operating effectively is to implement a quick cleaning routine at the end of every service. This includes cleaning the interior, pump cover, overflow tube and exterior, and will prevent the build up of dirt and debris.

It is also worthwhile checking the machine at the start of every shift as well, so that you know everything is completely clean and the water is fresh.

With the appropriate maintenance, your warewasher could last between 10 and 20 years, which makes it a cost effective investment for your kitchen. There may be a need to carry out some minor repairs during this period, but once it starts to become costly, this is the time you should be thinking about an upgrade.

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