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Imagine walking through the door after a busy day in the office to find your new home warmed to exactly the right temperature. This could be the case if you find the perfect home for you through an Estate Agents Gloucester company found at links like http://www.tgres.co.uk Step into the kitchen to discover your evening meal freshly heated and ready to eat, while your washing cycle has just completed and your clothes are freshly tumble dried and ready to hang up.

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This scenario might be closer than you think. Thanks to the latest developments in smart phone technology, home-owners now have the capability to control kitchen appliances such as cookers, refrigerators and washing machines remotely, via wireless technology.

Heating, lighting and hot water can also be controlled via a smart phone app and set to come on at a particular time. Customers can accurately track how much energy they are using and how much they are spending on fuel bills.

Smart home technology will increasingly push into the mainstream. Even garden tool manufacturers are utilizing the technologies. Blossom has developed a garden sprinkler system that can decide when to switch on based on weather forecasts.

Voice controlled thermostat

Honeywell has launched the UK’s first voice-controlled thermostat. Honeywell’s thermostat allows users to adjust the temperature in their homes by using simple voice commands. The thermostat recognises the home-owner’s voice and responds accordingly, and is linked to the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort App which allows users to control their heating and hot water via smart phone.

Home appliances
White Goods manufacturer Whirlpool has developed several Smart Appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers and washer/dryer units. Each one is equipped with 6th Sense Live technology, which allows it to be linked to a household Wi-Fi network, and be controlled via smart phone, tablet or PC. Imagine being sat at work, you’ve kicked back, feet on top of your Desk , fan on, music playing being able to unwind whilst the work at home starts without any worry or need from you, priceless!.

Whirlpool has also launched its My Smart Appliances app, for mobile devices. This will enable customers to view each appliance, see when it is running, and view energy usage and costs. There are controls to schedule wash cycles or to alert users to when the fridge door is open or when maintenance or repairs are required.

Samsung recently announced the launch of its next generation SmartThings Hub and service.
This integrated system transforms your home into a smart home, helping you to manage your home appliances remotely via your mobile device. The SmartThings Hub will enable you to remotely control several devices, from entertainment and energy to security or in the kitchen. Everything will be connected and easy to control.

Smart gadgets are destined to transform our homes into the smart homes of the future. While heating and lighting systems are available now, it will take longer for the entire home to become fully automated. In the future, expect kitchen appliances and multimedia systems to become one integrated system controlled by a single smart phone app. Smart Phone technology gives you the flexibility and convenience to control your entire household remotely and can help to run an energy efficient home. You can track and monitor fuel usage and be alerted to maintenance issues or faults.

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