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Currently, the T-shirt business is a lucrative and flourishing occupation. Although we rarely see fashion shows on shirts and related garments, if we look in real life, wherever we are and in all kinds of people, we can notice the widespread and popular use of this garment, to the point of becoming indispensable in every closet and for every occasion. 

So who has the idea of starting a shirt business, can, with the right knowledge, reach commercial success. Here are some of the key points for you to decide to create your T-shirt Business:

T-shirt business – factors to consider


It is definitely one of the most used garments in the world and practically, all people have one or more shirts, in size, color, material, design, and style, according to the need and choice.

TYPES OF SHIRTSt-shirt business

For example, there are special t-shirts for athletes, there are prints for all occasions and tastes, which are worn by ordinary people in their daily lives, such as housewives, children, youth, adults, and even old people. There are to attend special meetings that require a certain type of gala clothing, adorned with embroidery, sequins, semiprecious stones, etc., and with a variety of styles.



It is well known that despite the controls exercised by some countries on the population explosion, the sustained increase in the number of inhabitants in the world continues to grow and, therefore, also the needs of the population: food, medicines, education, clothes, etc. It is important to clarify that even the poorest people wear T-shirts.


The great fashion designers take advantage of even the smallest opportunity to create fashion that suits all the tastes and circumstances of the people. So we see, for example, that there are designers of catwalk creating models for the seasons of the year, and others, are dedicated to creating styles to be used in all sports: motorsport, tennis, soccer, etc. Among them, we can name the brands of Adidas, Nike, Puma, Armani and Ecko among the best known. So this market is very promising and real.


A t-shirt business can be opened with a small amount of money or with a large investment, depending on the quality, style, and need of the potential client. There are good quality shirts that you can buy for ten or fifteen dollars, which gives you an idea of what the manufacturing cost of it would be. A shirt can be very expensive, moderately expensive, or cheap, depending on the quality, design, brand, etc.


To create your own business, it is essential that you make a Business Plan, in which you describe the capital to be invested, the location you will need, and the type of business you are thinking of creating.

For example, if your business will include clothing, various models of shirts, printing with the different inks that are used and the employees you would need for each area. This, logically, requires costs of raw materials, machinery and equipment and administrative expenses such as salaries of employees, leasing, public services, taxes if any, among others.

On the other hand, you can establish your business in a local, and get everything you need in the finished product, with selected suppliers. In this case, you should investigate the market, what kind of customers you want to sell, the cost of the shirt, according to its quality and try to get discounts for your orders. Take into account the administrative expenses that result and project the profit percentage.

When the idea is to create a company, it means that you will also have the opportunity to sell to other Stores and other cities. Within your Business Plan, you will include the planning of your production and your sales goals.

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To create your Store or Tent Store, it is not necessary to have a large store; the important thing is that it is well located, in a commercial or commercially visible place, and that the decoration is appropriate and striking. The place must have a Registered Name or Social Name and also if what you want is to personalize your T-shirts, they must carry your Registered Mark. This is a solid alternative to have a stable and profitable business. With your business in good working order, in the future, you will have to position your Brand.


For people to know where to place you, you must have printed business cards, brochures with the description of your merchandise and flyers, which you will distribute in sports clubs, in other stores, to people you know and know you. Likewise, it is advisable to have a Web page where you specify and show the different types of T-shirts, sizes, quality, most selected designs, Email, address, and phone numbers, and if you wish, the prices to sell at home to those who ask for you in this way. Do not forget that you must appear in the Yellow Pages.


There is a wide possibility of getting clients and selling safely. On the one hand you can advertise on Facebook or Instagram and publicize your brand of shirts and on the other hand, you can create an online store where you create a  catalog of shirts and get to know in the online world.

With this, it has already been more than clear to you why the t-shirt business is profitable and what you have to do to assemble it, I hope it has been very useful and that you can get the best out of this information.


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