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Clothing will always be an excellent business, and within this category, there is the fabric business, which is the same or even more profitable. Nowadays, this type of entrepreneurship is often ignored by many, because they do not attract attention or think that they are already in the past.

And the truth is that they are wrong, the few people who dare to undertake this idea have reached success. Because a fabric business is still the main supplier of small clothing factories and families.

In addition, it is a business that works even in the most difficult moments of the economy, giving a very strong economic security. It also has the pro that it is a business with a future, always had very high demands regarding fashion. Remember that fashion is usually very changeable, generating that customers are constantly renewing their merchandise.

For that reason and for much more, starting a fabric business is the best option … be it from Spain, Argentina or anywhere in the world. The good thing is that it is a very easy micro-enterprise since it is not very complicated to sell cloth. There are no tedious processes or large machinery to buy. In addition, it is one of the easiest businesses to operate, as long as a good planning of the place is carried out.

Riding A Fabric Business

PermissionsFabric Business

In order to set up your fabric business, you will need to obtain the permits in your city. Where they will inspect your place and the merchandise that you will sell. The cost of permits usually varies according to the country where you reside, but for you to have an idea it usually costs between USD $ 200 and USD 1500 for a medium-sized company. Equally the best thing will be that you approach the offices of your city to know well how many licenses you need.


A fabric business requires an excellent location, ideally a central place where there are schools, train stations or a shopping center. The place you choose should be very visible and accessible to people. Do not worry if there is another cloth business in your area, improving prices can gain territory, being much easier.

Also keep in mind that when looking for a location, you should look for a cheap place. The idea is to find a place where the rent does not exceed 500 dollars per month since a fabric business usually takes a little longer to return the investment. Continue reading- 10 business ideas to start with less than 100 $

The purchase of fabricsFabric Business

You should make sure that you have the best quality of your business. So you will have to look for the best suppliers. Remember that you should invest in large quantities of rolls if you do not have a large amount to invest. It is best to only buy the common fabrics and only remnants of imported fabrics.

The saleFabric Business

As I said at the beginning, in the fabric business the main customers will be the clothing producers. And the people who want to make their own clothes. Therefore, you must have clear prices.

Cotton fabrics are sold at a higher price than nylon fabrics. The cotton meter is usually about $ 6 dollars, while the nylon $ 3 dollars. As for imported fabrics, the meter already exceeds the US $ 10, being much more profitable.

It is recommended that you import different fabrics every month, to grow the business of apoco. In addition, it is a great way to invest, since the fabrics have no waste.

Currently, a medium-sized fabric business usually spends approximately US $ 2,000 to import fabrics. You can spend half if you want or reach an arrangement with the importer.

The earningsFabric Business

Of course, your earnings will depend on what you sell. Currently, a fabric business usually earns between 30% and 40% on the product (either by meter or coil). To give you an example, the profit per meter of nylon is US $ 1 dollar, per meter of cotton is the US $ 2.50. And for fabrics imported from the US $ 4 to US $ 10 dollars.

ConclusionFabric Business

It can be a seasonal business on some occasions, which results in some periods being a little lower. Some fabrics can be very expensive, depending on the importer. In spite of all that, the fabric business promises good income for those who have well planned the locations and suppliers.

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