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The relationship between companies and their customers has changed over the last few years, and one of the main reasons is the irruption of social network in the digital environment. Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin constitute a permanent means of communication through which companies transmit messages directly to the end user. In addition, the possibility that this one interacts with them also evidences a great change with respect to the model of unidirectional communication that has existed traditionally.

However, not all companies should have profiles on all social networks that exist. Each of them has different characteristics; Therefore, the objective pursued by the company to determine which profiles it should handle must be taken into account.

If you manage a company you are probably registered in one of the social networks. However, is it the one in which you have the right presence for your business? With this test, you will be able to know which social network is the most suitable for your company, although this does not imply that you can not have a presence in more than one network.

Characteristics of each social network

Twittersocial network

Immediacy is the flagship adjective of this social network, where the content update takes precedence over everything else. It allows sharing content from other users, something that also increases the interaction between different accounts. The brevity is another feature of Twitter. Due to the constant appearance of tweets, these have a character limit, so you have to define very well which message you want to transmit. In addition, the content has a more informal tone than other networks.

Facebooksocial network

The majority of companies that share content in this network seek to build loyalty to their followers, boost their relationship with them and generate leads and traffic to their own website. The absence of a character limit allows messages to be longer and contain more explanations than Twitter.

Linkedinsocial network

The most widespread concept is that this is the network where more companies have a profile since it is aimed at professionals and companies. The tone of the publications is more formal since they are focused on reinforcing the branding of companies. The professionalization of this social network makes the sectors more segmented, so it is easier to relate to companies in your same area.

Instagramsocial network

The images are the hallmark of this social network. Although each image is accompanied by text, it is only seen when we enlarge a certain photograph. So it is essential to capture the attention of the users through the images. This type of social media is more recommendable for companies whose products are the most important bulk of their business and allows them to show all the remarkable news.

YouTubesocial network

The most widespread video platform in the world. It is also increasingly common for companies to have a Youtube channel. Where they post corporate videos, interviews with professionals related to the sector, campaigns, etc.