A small business can take advantage of great marketing tricks to grow sales, expand and gain a foothold in the market.

A good part of large companies, both online and offline, have humble origins. Any small business can take advantage of the internet to expand the number of potential customers available and achieve higher sales. From the simplest local business to the medium-sized business in the city.

Many entrepreneurs still hesitate to enter the unknown world of digital marketing, considering that it can be expensive or unproductive. While it is the opposite since, for really little money, you can have as a potential client almost any citizen in the world.

A digital entrepreneur, starting in online sales, should keep at least these six marketing tips in mind so that the business starts off on the right foot.

IdentificationSmall Business Marketing Tricks

The first thing above all is the identification phase. Identification of the target audience for your business. To do this ask yourself: Who are the products intended for? What type of customer do you usually buy at the store?

But identifying what type of customers your store will be directed to is not enough, you must also identify your direct competitors and analyze your marketing strategies. Of course, don’t hesitate to create a list of the best marketing practices carried out by your competitors, to apply them. Remember that you can also make a list of the shortcomings that they have because in their shortcomings you can find a point where to apply pressure.

Web optimization

Nowadays it is essential that your website is perfectly optimized if you want it to position itself properly. You must ensure that you create fresh and unique content, make it easy for visitors to find information or content, use the right image sizes and resolutions appropriately, and use keywords wisely. If you have any questions about how to optimize your website, do not hesitate to consult a professional.

“Off Page” optimization

You can improve the optimization of the page by creating links from other websites. For this, you can add your web address in Directories of proven reliability or post ads on pages with high web traffic.

If your content is of interest, these inbound links will soon be generated naturally and their optimization will improve organically.


Creating a blog is without a doubt highly recommended. A blog will allow you to create and publish articles that will improve positioning. But in turn, it provides you with a means to educate and inform your consumers. On the blog, you can share both the latest news about your company, the latest launches or talk about new market trends.

Social Media MarketingSmall Business Marketing Tricks

Do not be afraid of social networks, if you are not yet present, do not hesitate, jump in!

Social media will allow you to create new business relationships, educate your consumers, keep them informed, and in turn provide new avenues of communication with customers. And above all, it will allow you to publish viral content that generates multiple inbound links to the web, further improving “Off Page” optimization.

Email Marketing

Last but not least, email marketing. This strategy is still underestimated by many. But large companies have always known how effective email marketing campaigns are in improving sales.

By creating personalized emails, a company can use email marketing to send relevant information to subscribers. Send coupons, offers, cart abandonment emails, among many others. These emails can be fully personalized through micro-segmentation and / or consumer behavior.

The advantage of email marketing is evident, the complete personalization allows to offer a potential client exactly what they may potentially need. In this way, the customer is more predisposed to purchase. Especially if the calls to action and the sense of urgency are adequate.

It is advisable to periodically review the marketing strategies used, and carry out tests and A / B tests in each of them to look for new and better options if necessary.

What do you think of these tips? Which one would you add?

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It is advisable to periodically review the marketing strategies used. Tweet it!

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