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A professional speaker can make an event memorable and successful. Whether this is anything from a work conference to a graduation event, the speaker will inspire the guests with a thought-provoking speech and leave them feeling uplifted and motivated. To be a successful public speaker, they need to have some key skills so that they can deliver their message and keep the audience focused, which takes time and practice.

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To be able to inspire those around you with a subject that is new to them, you need to believe in it and show your passion and energy through your words. If a speaker does not demonstrate a true connection to their subject, they won’t be able to convince an audience and will lose their attention early on.


A good speaker appointed for a business conference needs to stay up to date with the industry they are working in and have the ability to adapt. To get an audience to believe in what they are saying and trust them, a speaker needs to be able to demonstrate an understanding of them and their world.


Confidence is the key quality required for any speech. The speaker needs to believe in themselves and what they are saying; otherwise, the audience won’t trust what they are saying.

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Many people have a fear of public speaking; in fact, one graduate’s fear was so great that she took on a new job to overcome it.

Sense of humour

A sense of humour will make the audience relax, with sharing amusing anecdotes or stories the perfect way to lighten up a speech. Motivational speakers such as https://www.adventureman.org/motivational-speaker/ can draw on many of their own real-life experiences and challenges to inspire their audience and raise a smile or two.


The speaker’s voice needs to be strong, clear and have perfect annunciation. This will portray authority and gain respect from the audience.


A speaker who does not show any emotion will appear cold and risk alienating the audience. By showing that they can empathise and understand the audience’s feelings, a speaker will encourage the audience to warm towards them.

A successful speaker who works hard at both the content of their speech and the delivery will leave the audience listening until the end and happy that they invested their time.

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