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Not every student intends to obtain a master’s degree when they first enter college.  Some know that an MBA program is in their future early on, but others don’t decide to pursue an MBA until after graduation or even many years later after entering the workforce first.  Either way, you may not want to change your major to business after accumulating credits toward another degree.  Or you might not even have the option if you’ve already graduated. 

If, however, you know you want to proceed to an MBA program after earning a bachelor’s degree and it’s still early enough to select or change your major without harm, the question remains: should you major in business before earning your MBA?

Should You Major in Business to Get an MBA

There is no easy answer to this question.  Every student will have to make their own decision when it comes to pursuing an undergraduate degree prior to earning an MBA.  There are, however, several things you can take into account when deciding whether or not you want a bachelor’s degree in business, as opposed to other options.

You should know that a bachelor’s degree of some sort will be required to gain admission to an MBA program, and there are a variety of other criteria you may have to meet, as well.  For starters, you have to meet GPA requirements, as well as receive a minimum score on the GMAT to be considered for admission.

In addition, each MBA program will likely require that students take certain prerequisite classes before they can start their MBA coursework.  This is the major advantage of earning a business degree prior to entering an MBA program.  Not only will you likely complete the vast majority of courses needed to qualify for an MBA program, but you’ll also gain a wealth of knowledge that will prepare you for the advanced business classes you’ll take in your master’s program.

This isn’t to say that you can’t get into an MBA program without a bachelor’s degree in business.  Many programs take students with other BA or BS degrees so long as they have taken required prerequisite courses, maintained a suitable GPA, and met standards for GMAT test scores.

Before you commit to earning a business degree, you should probably think about the kind of career you’re interested in.  It may be to your benefit to select a major that focuses on the industry you want to go into rather than concentrating solely on business for both your undergrad and graduate courses of study.

Gaining familiarity with an industry and then adding knowledge of business administration to that base could end up being extremely beneficial to your professional pursuits, and it could be even more valuable than simply understanding the ins and outs of business management.

Before you make your final choice, you should also speak to a counselor or advisor at Pepperdine University or whichever institution of higher learning you attend for your undergraduate program.  These professionals can discuss your interests and your academic strengths and even give you aptitude tests to help you make an informed decision. Considering it could affect the rest of your life, it’s important that you thoroughly consider whether or not to major in business on your path to an MBA.

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