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Whether you decide to implement a business model at home or if you want to open a store specialized in this market niche, or if your goal is much larger than opening a room for children’s party business.

The first thing we always recommend to those who have a business idea is market research, it is the first and main point to start with any venture. Many entrepreneurs fail to make at least a small market study that allows them to know which terrain they are treading and where to go. Many think that just watching for example a busy road have the certainty of triumph in their goal.

But reality will always be different and it is better to avoid setbacks that cause us to waste time, effort and, above all, money.

How to start a children’s party business

1. Market researchchildren's party business

As we suggested, the first thing is to carry out a market research, to assess the local interest and determine if there is a need for children’s party organizers or to open a venue for the purpose. Talk to parents about how they plan their children’s parties and what type of party planning services they subcontract, or if they do not. Find out how much they have paid or would like to pay for these services. Collect all the information you can from the parents, as they will be your target customers. It is important for children’s party business.

2. Competitive advantageChildren party

You must investigate the services of your competitors. Check your advertising materials and prices. This will undoubtedly help you create a competitive advantage so that you can even develop some additional service that does not have it.

3. Promotional packages

The information you have about the parents you spoke with and your competitors’ will help you determine promotional packages and better prices for the products or services you are offering in this area. It is very important for the children’s party business.

4. Ideal name of your companychildren's party business

You must choose an ideal name for your company, ask the children how they would like it to be called, in many cases, they give you better ideas than we adults, especially in this field. And of course after having the name of the company, hire a designer to make the logo, your website, business cards, and other advertising elements. You can also create brochures or triptychs where you can place the information to distribute them in your area.

5. Review legal aspects

Apply for a business license and tax identification number with the local government. You may also need a building and security permit if you are leasing a commercial space in which you will hold parties. Check with your local government and business authorities for a complete list of rules or regulations for the planning of children’s parties.

6. Suppliers and staffchildren's party business

Before getting clients you must relate to who will be your suppliers, it is very necessary that you have a kind treatment with everyone so that they maintain a strong and lasting relationship, and from the beginning, you can get discounts and promotions. In the meantime, you should be preparing the staff that will be with you either in the direct sale on the premises or if you decided to organize children’s parties at home or in a particular room. Often, students work for free or for a low fee in exchange for the experience.

7. Promote your business

The first ones that you must irremediably know about your endeavor are your relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, anyway. The recommendation when starting a new business is one of the most effective ways to get new customers. Be a volunteer in the planning of children’s parties or offer low prices to help build your reputation. Send notices by email and distribute advertising materials to start your business. It is important for children’s party business.

How to assemble a children’s party room

If your idea has been the organization of children’s parties from your own or leased room, then let us tell you how you could do it so that your project meets the desired objectives.


Independent business that offers an integral concept of entertainment with food packages, games, and recreational activities, as well as the rent of its facilities.

Target audienceschildren's party business

Parents of between 25 and 45 years of age, from medium to high socioeconomic level. It is a very important part for children’s party business.


Property located in residential subdivisions, on the main avenue or close to commercial areas and with parking.


Games type playground, inflatable, maternal area, stage, sound, accessories, appliances, dining furniture and food service bar.


Manager and plant cleaning employee; waiter, caregiver and eventual supervisors; chefs and animators for outsourcing.

Initial investmentchildren's party business

Depending on the infrastructure and equipment that is determined

Profit marginchildren's party business

30 percent.

In recent times most parents have left behind the idea of celebrating their children’s parties at home, and prefer to hire a party room. This happens when the homes are small or if in the condominiums where they live they lack common areas to hold meetings. It is an important part for the children’s party business.

One of the advantages offered by this type of services is the cost-benefit ratio. While sometimes parents do not skimp when it comes to pleasing their children, most are aware that they would practically end up spending more if they contract each service separately. For example food and drinks, entertainment, children’s entertainment activities and other services such as pintacaritas or fruit bars with chocolate. This without considering that they would also have to invest time in each of the preparations for the celebration.

To meet the demand of these parents, there are businesses that provide an entertainment space with all services included. And the best thing is that these are business models that, once positioned, invoice considerable sums per year.

If you are interested in undertaking this tour, take into account that currently the party halls are beginning to evolve and have to be managed under another theme, ie with current trends, such as video games and other fashion gadgets, today’s parents They look for their children to have fun through activities in which they can also learn something.

The alternatives are in the animators who bring scientific games, animals (farm) to interact or even, craft workshops or other artistic activities that call to action attendees, such as singing, acting, painting on easels or making plasticine figures.

On the other hand, the trend points to the conditioning of modern leisure spaces. With them, you will attract more customers and you will be able to compete against the growth of fast food franchises, entertainment centers or museums for children. In fact, since these types of places emerged, they captured an important share of the children’s party market. An example of this is Mr. Joy.

Consequently, the recommendation is to leave animated characters behind and create an attractive visual concept accompanied by excellent service and quality in the different services. Therefore, you must innovate both in the food and in the attractions that you offer. To do this, look for graphic designers or students of visual arts to develop the idea and be a professional setting.

You must bear in mind that the infrastructure must be first class, where you can host at least 100 guests. Therefore ask the opinion of experts in architectural issues to develop your business and make the most of the spaces of the site you chose.

How to start a business organizing children’s partieschildren's party business

If you have decided to start a business to organize children’s parties at home we will suggest some practical tips. So you do not have surprises when applying this business model.

This business tries to provide customers with all the infrastructure and services necessary for the organization of their party. It allows them to find a variety of options to meet what your event requires and better yet, find options for different budget levels.

The secret is to provide your customers with the organization by providing solutions and advice for the success of it. Finally, what every parent wants is that their guests have fun and have the best, with the least stress in the organization.

What is necessary to start

The first step is to create a list of possible services to offer and define according to your investment budget what are you in possibilities to start. The idea is to start with some basic services and include some other options little by little as your capital grows.

As you can see, the possibilities of what can be supplied are broad. And you should not pretend to offer everything but start with what you can attend. And do it well because remember that good references are valuable from the start to generate more customers in the future.

What services can you offer for the children’s party

The adornment of the place (balloons, streamers, floral arrangements, among others.)

Furniture rental: chairs, tables, boards

Glassware rental: dishes, cutlery, linens, which by the way can be disposable

Income of inflatables: sliders, climbers, castles, etc. Different sizes for different age ranges.

Income of inflatable water: ideal for summer parties such as swimming pools, slides, water guns, sliders, etc.

Rent arcade games: ping-pong tables, futillo tables, pool tables, basketball baskets, gotcha, etc.

Foodservice: hot-dog carts, popcorn, soft ice cream, pizza, or more formal meal if required. It is an important part for the children’s party business.

Animation services: clowns (although it is not much style, it could be a good option if the interested party or birthday boy requires it), children’s plays, magicians, dances, mimes.


Awnings rental

Sale and preparation of pinatas, sweets, etc.

The next step is a sales strategy so that our entrepreneurship begins to take shape. We suggest the following.

A catalog of children’s parties

To begin, it is ideal to create a catalog with details of this list that should have photos of the articles. And services that you can offer for rent with their measurements, specifications and rental prices (per hour). Of course, children’s parties usually have a duration of one full morning or afternoon. So ideal if you once include an offer with a special price for 3 hours or more. The important thing is also to digitize the catalog, remember that today the internet is in our hands. So through an email or posting on social networks to download it, you can win more customers.

Websitechildren's party business

Here there is no option, today, or you have your website or just do not exist, so you must have your space on the Internet, see that all people interested in any activity or buying products or services, search the Internet to find what they need, hence we strongly recommend making your website to promote your services. This is not very complicated, however, there are professionals who for a low cost give you your website elegant and effective. It is important for children’s party business.

Immediately take orders

What anyone expects when requesting information about your services is speed and clarity in prices. Remember that for a party to be successful it is necessary that everything is in order. And that the days and hours contracted are dealt with formally. Failures in these details can make a big difference and unnecessary claims from your customers. For this, it is essential to take your controls on an agenda and comply with them without reservation.

Promote your children’s party business

You can start by making some business cards to give to friends, family, and acquaintances to recommend you. You should also place some classifieds on the Internet and in the main thematic directories on the web. So that they can find you and request your services. And it is also very important today to invest some amount occasionally in advertising on Facebook which can be very segmented and effective.

This point obviously is concomitant with the realization of your website. Since it is practically like your virtual office where your clients will go. This will even prevent you from hiring a physical office which you will have to pay month after month, not only the rent but several services. With the website and an internet connection from your home. You can meet the requests, call your partners or collaborators and specify the organization.

We hope we have helped you with ideas to set up your business on the organization of children’s parties. Whether it is a small commercial establishment or assembly in a room for its development. Remember that if you give customers a whole package of services and not just a few products. Your portfolio will increase and therefore your profitability. We just share some idea for children’s party business.