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Today we will address an issue that is rarely discussed and it is of utmost importance in marketing, hence, do not leave it long. The theme is: Music!

– Music? 
– Yes, music. 
– Why is music important to my business?

To answer this question and many others will start at the beginning. The basis of marketing is to stimulate the senses of people to encourage the purchase. It is not like this? These senses, as you know are: hearing, smell, sight, taste and touch.

MarketingIn a conventional store have almost all the elements in their favor: Customers can view the product can “sniff” the environment, even smell the olfactory product if, as a perfume; You can touch it, and if it comes to food, you can taste it. But … What about the ear?

Big brands have always been committed to music. Moreover, there is a study indicating that music sets the pace a store cart.

Some brands of youth clothing bet on electronic music and give great results: Young people come attracted by this kind of music, move your feet while sampling the clothes and buy fast. Other grocery brands opt for the more pop music. They are usually means inciting movement rhythms for all ages. When the string you are interested people to go slow, slow music put (it happens, especially when there is little traffic in the store) and when approaching closing time, place more lively music.

You could put thousands of examples, however, with these we can see that if the big brands opt for music in their stores, there must be. Even many stores opt for a very specific style to music with your brand recognition. What a great idea!

A few weeks ago I visited a comic book store, had the Vikings soundtrack of the series. And you know what comic was in the main stand? I asked the shop owner if it was coincidence music with the launch of a comic Vikings. The owner looked at me smiling and said: – Of course not. Since I have music, comic sales are soaring.

Well, it is clear that music is an essential component in the marketing . Now go to the core to include your music “corporate” in your business premises and thus, increase sales.


First: Unless you’re an expert audiophile, let yourself advise. There are experts on the subject that can help you to choose the most appropriate music for your business. At what time you should play the music, etc.

In second place: Store dimensions are important, as is the volume. It must be appropriate, neither too strong nor too weak.

In third place: If you have questions about what kind of music you should put, it studies the major brands in your industry.They have probably already successful. However, try to be original.


If the Internet content is king, the video is the emperor of the contents. You can put music to your website, but it is inadvisable because generally annoying, due to many factors, including the types of access devices, cheap reproductions speakers, etc. In addition, it breaks the anonymity of people with access to navigation in public places. Refrain from experimenting with music on your website. However, the video is different.

The music makes you pause the video to 10 seconds or reproducing it to the end. Imagine how powerful music video.

Take advantage of powerful to hit hits. Learn about different musical styles to embed your video. You can have impressive results in reproductions.

If you make digital content, such as podcast, video tutorials, series online, etc. Select background music that is consistent with your brand. It is not easy to explain what music you choose for the type of video you do, however, here are some basics:

What music?

For video presentations: Media music without end or low acute altered. Speed ​​between 90 bpm and 120 bpm. Strings are ideal: guitar, piano, ukulele …

For corporate / explanatory videos: Media music without end or low acute altered. Electronic instruments slow bits. Speed ​​between 90 and 110 bpm.

For videos with emotional dyes: Slow music, something elevated low, normal and high treble media. The instrument par excellence: the piano.Speed ​​between 60 and 100 bpm

For sensationalist / aggressive videos: Fast music, with very high standard treble bass, mid and. Electric guitars, electronic sounds, dubstep and other styles of rupture. Speed ​​from 130 bpm

Here are some basic notes. (Incidentally, I thank you Lord for these notes 909 Thank you, friend.) However, the most important thing is: The music must be connected to the general feeling of your target audience.


I will not explain the type of license for each country, but yes I will talk about the most common licenses that you should consider for your advertising campaign.

Copyright: It is the most common license and means you have to contact the artist or label bearing the management of the music in question. Prices for the use of this license are variable.

Creative Commons: This is the antagonistic earlier. Generally, use CC licensed music is free, although there may be exceptions.The obligation is to show the source: the author, stamp, etc …

Royalty Free Music: Specialized for digital music and movie content. There is everything and specialized. They usually have a low price (so cheap) for the use of these songs. Usually the most recommended because once you do with the license does not usually cause problems.

Within this field, there are songs recorded in intermediary companies to protect the author, as may be AdRev. YouTube gives you problems if, for example, you offer the license that you have already paid and settled.


Using random music or the typical “friend who knows about these things” you can be expensive. It is important to have a good editor or producer specialized in these issues. Difference and know the sense of hearing your client is activated, thus it enables emotional regions of the brain, which in turn, stimulates the desired pulse, usually purchase.

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.