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Those who have animals under their care by their own choice are people who have a special sensitivity for their company, to the point that they treat them as if they were their own children. That is why investing in pet clothing is quite lucrative, because its high demand is a plus point.

Even within the pet clothing market, there are specific pieces in which people show greater interest. One of them is the ties for pets, which are mainly ornamental and there are of all kinds: for females, males, large dogs, medium and small, cats, rabbits, etc.

How to earn money selling pet bonds: The first step is to invest in training

pet ties

If you want to learn how to make money with pet bonds you need to be willing to invest in knowledge. This is a business that really has potential and it was not just you who perceived it. This means that it has a lot of competition.

The best way to avoid this difficulty and to produce differentiated and beautiful bonds is to learn from whoever understands the subject. That’s why you need to join quality courses on how to make pet bonds, have a lot of positive reviews, which can be found online, or just watch YouTube videos of people teaching how to make pet bows. The amateur way is a good starting point. It is necessary

How to assemble a production of pet bows

If you are interested in setting up a business of this type, here is what you should do and what you will need to start it today. Take note!

Business plan.

pet ties

Before deciding to venture into the development and sale of pet bonds, you should study the demand they have in the area where you plan to market them, what other people or companies are engaged in the same, how would its economic benefits, etc. Continue Reading – 6 tips before starting a business


It is important to know how you work and what products your competition develops. There may be universal models that are manufactured by almost everyone who dedicates themselves to this activity, or that each person has their own designs. Evaluate what sells the most and get inspired to create your own models.

Registration and corporate image.

pet ties

Once your project is approved, register the company and patent your designs. In turn, choose a business name, create a logo and everything that encompasses the corporate image of your brand.


pet ties

Create a varied and inclusive catalog. Keep in mind that pets can have various sizes and their owners taste very different. Create large, small bows of different colors, inspired by sports teams, movie characters, books, series, games, etc.

Then you will need to take the measurements of several dogs, cats and rabbits to get the patterns out of the ties. On the Internet, you can get many ideas but always bet on your own original creation. In turn, have the habit of labeling all your products, in the same way, to identify them with the name or logo of your brand.


Depending on the size of your business (production per month) you will need to condition a space in your house or rent a house. If your production is low, you can install a mini-workshop with one or two sewing machines in a room. If it’s high, you can run five or six machines in a larger space.

In addition, you must include an isolated area of the sewing room, to make the labeling of the pieces, paste buttons, and other details. On the other hand, a space for the storage of the ties is also necessary.

Furniture and equipment.

Includes sewing machines, labeling machine, tables, chairs, organizers and computer equipment to manage the business.

Tie making a machine to sell

You can do the loops manually, but the best way to create those products by saving time and money is by buying a loops machine.

The investment in a machine compensates a lot, today in the market, for example,  there are already cheap options that offer the entrepreneur the option of manufacturing up to 3 thousand ties per day.

How much does a loop making machine cost?

The price of the machine will depend on its functionality, there are simpler machines and other more sophisticated ones.

A simple machine that produces up to 3,000 loops costs between the US $ 250 to the US $ 350.

But there are also other types of machines that help add differentials in the quality of the product, they can apply designs and models, they cost around the US $ 450.


If you start alone, you must learn to sew by hand and machine. You can not sell badly made products because the quality will speak for itself and you could run out of next orders. If it is not your area, you can hire one or two people to help you with the production; however, there are many courses on the Internet to learn how to make pet bows that you can take.


pet ties

Making your products known is the only way to sell them. Contact directly to the stores of articles for animals, pet fairs, online stores, among others. Also, create profiles on social networks to showcase your creations and interested parties can contact you directly.

How to sell pet ties

There are many ways to sell your product and not all require the same investment. Everything will depend on your interests, capabilities and available means. Next, we tell you what options you have:

Pet shops.

If you do not have enough capital to set up your own store, you can offer your products to existing pet supplies stores. They are in the constant search for new items, varied and different from those of other stores, because being a commodity for such a specific public, it is necessary to renew it every so often, especially between seasons.

Online store.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that there you can sell almost everything and nowadays it does not take much science to create a website for anything. If you have around USD 15 monthly available, you can maintain a site with your own domain, where only products of your brand are sold. If not, you can also buy a space in buying and selling portals such as Mercado Libre, eBay, Amazon, among others.

Social networks.

These platforms usually have a lot of reaches, so you could get many customers through them. Make sure to create or send a striking logo and kindly answer each person who asks for your products. It is likely that you receive more orders through social networks because it is proven that users feel more secure by contacting directly those who manage the accounts of a brand.

Finally, remember that pet ties are a low-cost product, so your sales would have to be very large. That is why it is important not to limit yourself to selling by only one means.

Is it profitable to invest in pet bond production?

The market value of a pet loop varies between the US $ 0.25 to the US $ 0.45, with the cost of production varying between the US $ 0.05 to the US $ 0.10. The profit margin is very high! So this business is very profitable, being possible to invoice up to more than the US $ 3000.

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