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Who Can Advise on the Financial Impact of Life Events?

Artificial Intelligence is ever evolving, and in the near future the robo financial advisor will be providing full digital services to us. Although there will always be a need for advice, that mode of delivery will be changing. However, while robo-advisors are able to build and rebalance portfolios, they cannot assist a client to deal with the financial impacts of major life events.

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The first robo-advisors were launched in 2008 and have become a popular choice for some. They provide a low-cost, flexible alternative to a traditional wealth management company. This is ideal for families who know they want to grow their cash but are too busy with other commitments. Robo-advisors have the ability to automate segments of the investment process.

The high costs associated with money management are reduced using technological skills. Unlike a lot of firms who employ staff, robo-advisors are present when you need them. If you have an internet connection, you can request the help you need from the advisor when you want.

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Many People Prefer Human Interaction

Many people prefer to deal with a human and, despite the rise of AI, firms such as an independent financial advisor Swindon are seeing customer loyalty. If you require a financial advisor, you can turn to an independent financial advisor Swindon who will provide a personalised service. AI robo-advisors cannot demonstrate any flexibility or accountability or provide the tailored service that a traditional advisor can.

According to Credit Union Times, computers have become involved in the financial advice market at a lower level, and this development can either be seen as a threat or an opportunity.

Those who enjoy having interactions with a member of staff will find it more difficult to accept the changing face of finance. The young investor keen on paying as low a fee as possible will want to choose a robo-advisor because they won’t have a history of a relationship with a particular firm or person. The choice depends on the kind of help you require with your cash and, often, on how much money you have to invest. Human advisors will always cost more than robo advice, but despite that the human element is irreplaceable and that for many is something money can’t buy.

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