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If you’ve ever been asked to organise an event, you’ll have quickly realised just how complicated it can be. Many businesses of a small to medium-size will organise a social committee rather than employ a professional events agency. While this saves a little money, it also means that employees are asked to add to their workload in an area they might have no previous experience. When it comes to larger events, such as awards dinners or conferences, the logistics take on a whole new level of complexity. Here are some reasons why you should always use an events agency:

Location Knowledge

Whether you know which venue you want or not, an events agency with have a wealth of local knowledge for you to draw on. They can help you narrow down your search with the most suitable venues for your needs.

A local events agency will also understand local transport links, accessibility, accommodation and cancellation policies of different venues, to name just a few! For an Events Agency Dublin, contact Davis Events.

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Save money

Whether you have a huge or modest budget, saving money is always a priority for businesses. An events agency can assist you with budget planning and sticking to that budget. They will ensure that every element of the planning and booking is taken care of and that you’re getting the best deals on all aspects of the event.

Did you know that venues often offer deals on venue hire when you book multiple events with them? You won’t be able to use this privilege, but an events agency can. They can use their buying power to negotiate competitive rates on your behalf.

Saving time

It can be an incredibly time-consuming task organising an event. From the initial research, visiting potential venues, arranging contracts and speaking to suppliers – a lot of your time can be sucked into event management. Having a dedicated team doing all this for you, frees up your time so you can focus on what’s more important to you.

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Managing your event

Outsourcing your event planning means you’re buying into a huge amount of knowledge and expertise that will include:

Event marketing

Audio-visual elements

Menu and catering planning

Venue decorating

Management of delegates

Evaluation of post event

Post-event evaluation

Reduce your stress

Organising an event requires a huge amount of multi-tasking, research and knowledge which can lead to elevated levels of stress. It’s tough trying to please lots of different people all at the same time and making sure all goes to plan. By working with a professional Events Agency Dublin, you’ll reduce a great deal of planning pressure enabling you to concentrate on creating the ultimate guest experience.

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