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Entrepreneurship is not only fashionable, but it is also an option that is increasingly used and chosen as a way of life. However, the endeavor involves an expense and economic investment that not everyone can support. And we are constantly thinking about how to promote a business without spending a lot of money. We share some tips and ideas to promote a business with little money.

If you think about it, being autonomous means having a series of expenses such as paying a monthly fee, having an advice, setting up a place and even hiring staff or not, depending on our activity.

In addition, we never know the problems that we may have in the future and it is necessary to be prepared for what comes. And it is that unless we have a good economic fund, some money saved or family members who can throw a cable to us, we may need external financing in case of unforeseen events.

How to promote a business with little money?

They say that the need sharpens the ingenuity and is that when we have few economic resources we must look for solutions and formulas to spend just and necessary. Especially when we talk about the beginnings of a business and we must advertise our services or products to get customers.

However, the lack of money is not an excuse since there are ways to promote a business investing little or no capital. Do you want to know how? Keep reading and you will find out.

When we talk about marketing or advertising we must understand that there are two ways to promote a business, online promotion actions through the internet and offline advertising, that is, the classic face-to-face or traditional marketing.

▷ Learn how to promote a business with these 7 tips and ideas for online actionsTips and ideas

Capital is not an excuse when it comes to advertising. And the good thing about digital marketing is that it allows small companies to stand up to large companies that have “infinite” resources.

Thanks to the internet we can communicate with the rest of the world and open markets, in addition to offering our services and, of course, promoting our business. But for this, we must use our heads well and have an adequate strategy to achieve our goals.

For example, surely you have read or heard the typical phrase of setting up a web page, using social networks and take advantage of the tools offered by the web. All this is very good if it helps us with our objective, but to fine-tune we must plan and study our target or ideal client.

And it is worth little to have many followers or publish articles on our website if we are not talking about and for our audience. For this reason, it is essential to find the right strategy and measure the results.

Fortunately, digital marketing allows us to segment and find out the tastes and needs of our customers. That is why we focus our efforts on getting all of our online promotion actions to contemplate what our customers are looking for.

Here are some tips and ideas:

✅ Create your business website … now!Tips and ideas

How to promote a business with online actions if you do not have a web ?? Money is not an excuse. Of course, if you do not already, you must start thinking that a website is not an expense but an investment and although there are more than enough platforms to create a free blog,  the differences with a professional website are abysmal or do you Have you given something completely free in business? 🧐

✅ Develop creative and attention-grabbing strategiesTips and ideas

Creativity is the best weapon when you have few resources and want to attract attention. For example, if you do not have money you can run contests through your social networks offering a free service for a short period of time, a discount, a trial voucher or something that attracts people’s attention. Whatever, but flashy and creative! It is another tips and ideas to promote a business.

✅ Maintain an active and positive profile in social networks

Get followers and invite your family and friends to like your page. It’s an easy and simple way to increase your numbers, especially when you’re starting.

✅ Make alliances with other professionalsTips and ideas

You can get free publicity on pages if you ask and offer an alliance.

✅ Post-professional content on your blogTips and ideas

Post-professional content on your blog, on YouTube or as a special guest on pages or digital marketing and entrepreneurship platforms. It is another tips and ideas to promote a business.

✅ Work the comments on social networks and your website

Tips and ideas

Think that people search and buy based on the comments that exist in the network. Therefore, take care of your customers and earn their trust.

✅Make a portfolio and join a professional social network like LinkedIn. It’s free!Tips and ideas

Portfolios are an excellent cover letter and many companies no longer ask for a curriculum vitae but the profile address of your Linkedin. So you know, it’s time to register! It is another tips and ideas to promote a business.

✅ Measure and study the competitionTips and ideas

This way you will know what you have to do and what to avoid. Remember, digital marketing allows you to measure and segment, even your competitors!

▷ Keys and offline actions to promote a businessTips and ideas

It is as important to make yourself known online as in person. And is that despite the emergence of the Internet, the truth is that human contact and closeness in the deal are still effective methods to close deals, get alliances, but above all make themselves known to the world.

Therefore, in this section of offline promotion, we will give you the keys on how to promote a business spending little money and in an easy and simple way.

➡️The offline promotion or conventional marketing uses the typical channels that were used until a few years ago as printed materials, press, radio and television. And of course, face to face.

The good thing about this marketing is that you can use the tools of digital marketing, that is, the internet and social networks to find outlets and improve public relations close to where your business is located to take advantage of your offline promotion.

🤝 Encourage personal relationshipsTips and ideas

This section is more important than it seems. Getting strong ties and connecting with people can open more doors than we thought at first sight. It is another tips and ideas to promote a business.

Remember, we are talking about non-virtual environments, here the key is to know people, it is about applying all the knowledge that has to do with personal relationships, such as empathy, listening or assertiveness.

Of course, never stop promoting personal relationships, neither time nor travel can be an excuse. You always have the phone to call and the internet to make a video conference when the distance does not allow you to be on time with that person.

If you are new to a city or you are starting a business for the first time and do not know anyone, you always have more options than you think.

For example, you can sign up in business centers in your city, also share space and interests with startups and entrepreneurs related to you and you can even search databases of companies that are interested in your services and visit them.

And if you want to refine more you can still sign up on pages like Meetup that allows you to find specific activities and training on a specific date and place, such as your city.

🚗 Go to Events and Conferences in your sectorTips and ideas

You can also go to talks, workshops, and events near your city or business. It is a good way to connect with different people: A well-planned calendar of events and conferences can provide you with the necessary contacts to expand your business.

Yes, remember to apply what we told you before, encourage personal relationships and is that it is worth you to get many phone numbers if after you do not get performance. It is better to know a few people, but of quality and of course, call them.

💼 Exchange services with other companies

Strategic alliances with other companies can be a success for your business; You can complement the offer of services for your clients or those of your ally.

Imagine for a moment, a web designer, a content creator and a graphic designer. It is certain that you all have the same target audience and offer your end customers a more complete service than each one independently.

Also, you multiply by three your portfolio of clients and even, among you-you can reach agreements of exchange of services. It is a win-win model in which everyone wins, that is, a winning horse bet.

🃏 PostersTips and ideas

By the way, do not forget to make business cards and take them with you to deliver it not only to potential customers but allies, suppliers and anyone with whom you want to start a conversation.

Business cards are still an essential element in offline strategies because they cost little money, it is a very effective resource, they do not take up space and the people to whom we deliver them do not forget us, especially if we have caused a good feeling and the design of the card is original. It is the best tips and ideas to promote a business.

Our advice is that you do not resort to a single form or advertising action. The more channels you use, the more people you will get! Yes, it’s key to know how to combine the offline and the online

For example, it is good to go to events in your sector, delivering business cards that detail your contact information and the address of your website: is it not the perfect combination? 😉

Thus, the person who contacts you can choose between calling you, agreeing on a physical meeting or visiting your website (do not forget to mention your address, email and contact number in it!)

We hope these tips and ideas are useful and apply them to advertise your company or company! And it is necessary to spend a lot of money to know how to promote a business and reach the whole world.