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Mother’s Day is approaching and not only is it one of the most special days to share with the being who gave us life. Since in the commercial aspect it is a quite lucrative date if you like. However, you have to know what to offer during this season to achieve better sales.

Many will say that mothers have to be pampered daily and that it is banal to commercialize dates of this type. But it is a reality that every mother waits on this day that her children. Apart from accompanying them and celebrating with them, fill them with gifts and make them feel special. Because not in all cases happens often.

On the other hand, marketing experts say that the dates on which people are most sensitive are more likely to buy. So if you plan to invest in products to sell on the occasion of Mother’s Day, then we say ten pretty profitable ideas. Take note!

10 products that  are  sold on Mother ‘s Day

FlowersMother's Day

Flowers are the product par excellence to sell on this date, especially roses. It is probably due to tradition, but although the children have others present to give to their mothers, most of the time they accompany them with these flowers.

Note: you can accept orders in advance, make personalized arrangements and offer home delivery service to increase your income.

ChocolatesMother's Day

In the same way, it happens with chocolates; As if it were a combo, these delicious treats go with flowers and other gifts. There are many presentations and you could even buy them in a wholesale chocolate factory and prepare the portions in craft boxes, baskets, or wrapped with ribbons.

Gift basketsMother's Day

Gift baskets are very versatile and easy to assemble, you only need to buy the baskets, the products, and the supplies to decorate and wrap them. They can be full of exquisite provisions, soaps, and aromatic candles, sachets, body fragrances, personal care sets, sweets, etc.

Mason jarsMother's Day

These famous jars are a minimalist version of the gift baskets and are not only an option for Mother’s Day, but for any occasion in which you want to give a small present but quite special.

The containers can be decorated in a personalized way with Mother’s Day messages or for each specific mother and are filled with chocolates, sweets or other products such as cosmetics. In addition, the jar is decorative and can store pencils or use it as a container for liquids.

Special meals at homeMother's Day

If you are good at cooking, you can take advantage of this date to show off and offer your customers the most special preparations, decorated on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Some people make a lot of money preparing funny breakfasts and sending them as a surprise to homes, offices, universities, etc.

As is the custom in almost all homes, mothers are the ones who are responsible for preparing food for the family, so pampering them with something prepared especially for them, makes their day very happy.

Jewelry and jewelryMother's Day

Other products that significantly increase their sales during the month of May are jewelry and jewelry (fake jewelry). You can buy it wholesale or order expensive pieces and earn the commission.

On the other hand, if you are a goldsmith and you have your own workshop and line. You can offer discounts on the pieces you make because the volume of sales will make it worthwhile.

Clothes and shoes

These products never go unnoticed during this date. There are so many mothers in the world and each with different tastes and needs, that the variety of options should be your goal. Continue reading- 7 Reasons to Create a Sales FAQ on Your Site Now

However, just as there are conservative mothers, there are very flirtatious women who opt for being dressed with the latest trends, so being guided by fashion items will be useful to equip your inventory.


In the same way that women need to renew their closets. They must do so with their accessories and the wallets are the main one. Although some women can use the same for months and even years. If the quality allows, many prefer to combine them with the outfit they choose for each day.

CosmeticsMother's Day

Remember that before being mothers are women and most of them are very flirtatious. Therefore, makeup and beauty products, in general, increase their sales during this date.

The best thing about choosing these products to sell is that they are usually bought in the combo. So investing in them ensures that the inventory runs out in parallel.


Both modern and conservative mothers appreciate the advances in technology to make their day-to-day practicality more practical. That is why giving gadgets is a good option, taking into account, in addition, that many mothers can not afford a luxury like that and thank their children to please them with it.

Among the options that are sold the most during this season are household appliances, HDTVs, tablets, and smartphones.

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