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Make your move easier with these five tips

1. Preparation

Don’t underestimate how much time it will take to pack and move all your office supplies and equipment. It’s much better to get organised well ahead of your move date to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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2. Packaging

Obvious supplies are cardboard boxes, tape and bubble wrap, but don’t forget blankets or towels to protect breakables, self-seal bags or pots for small items (like bolts and screws) and pens to label everything. It’s well worth having insurance in place for any mishaps or breakages whether you have professional help with your move or not. This also applies if you will be using commercial storage space too.

3. Planning

Make note of anything you no longer need. Moving to a new premises is the perfect time to upgrade furniture and equipment.

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If you are struggling to figure out what to take with you, office fit out companies can plan, style and furnish your new space. You can even get your office fitted out with Mobius at work and have a full virtual tour of your new office environment.

4. Packing

If budget allows you may have external help doing this bit for you, but if you are carrying out the move yourself, make sure everything is secure. Monitors should be wrapped with plenty of bubble wrap or blankets, and secured with tape. Pack them close together to stop them sliding around, but don’t stack up on each other as this can cause damage. Use self-sealing bags to store each cable and label clearly so you know which goes where; then pack into a box. It will save you lots of untangling and guesswork at the other end.

With regards to furniture, it may be easier to take large or oddly shaped furniture apart to move it, making sure to label the pieces ready for reassembly later. Use tape to secure any cupboard doors or drawers which could open as you move them. If drawers can be removed from the units, this is a safer option.

Anything you are not moving can be given to places like the furniture donation network, who use your donations to help various charities.

5. Label

Label everything. Absolutely everything! Have a system in place and stick to it; you won’t regret it.

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