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While Lewis Hamilton struggles to clinch a first place win in the opening races of the Formula 1 championship of 2018, the battle between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari looks set to make for an exciting season.

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Hamilton has been unable to win a grand prix since Austin, USA, in October. After winning four world championships and becoming the most successful British F1 driver in history, what is happening this year?


A few stints of bad luck have left Lewis Hamilton desiring an F1 race win. A safety car interference in Australia and a grid penalty of five places in Bahrain were difficult to recover from, as Valtteri Bottas, his teammate, continued to shine in China. All in all, Hamilton has struggled to match the performance of his nemesis, Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, who is also aiming for a fifth world championship title.

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Red Bull

Red Bull’s tacticians have been quick with race strategy, pitting both drivers as the safety car intervened while Mercedes missed out. This meant Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen and the Red Bull drivers had fresh medium tyres while Hamilton was left on worn tyres; he managed to secure a fourth place in China.

Daniel Ricciardo looks set to be a driver to watch this season, as the Australian demonstrated his brilliant ability in taking the third win of the season. Although not as fast in qualifying as his teammate Max Verstappen, Ricciardo makes fewer mistakes and has been compared to the illustrious Stirling Moss in his ability to make the impossible possible. With impeccable timing and skill in overtaking, he is guaranteed to make 2018 an exciting season.

While Hamilton worries about team strategy and mistakes made, Mercedes now lack the air of confidence they have had since Hamilton’s spectacular win of the 2014 World Championship title.


Meanwhile, at Ferrari, the team looks far more confident and powerful than they did at the disastrous end of the 2017 championship. The red car has been touted as the new favourite to take the 2018 championship title.

Vettel has secured the first two wins of the season in his trademark inimitable style,and remains seated at the top of the championship table.

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