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Facebook has certainly changed in the last few years. The website started out as a social media website where people could post statuses and message their friends; now, it has evolved into a giant network of 1.7bn users and business.

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Yes, that’s right – billion, not million. The sheer number of people means that Facebook is now one of the best places to promote your business or product; however, it can be difficult to create a campaign that stands out amongst all the other campaigns.

If you want to boost your business, here are five more Facebook marketing tips that you can work into your next campaign.

Respond to messages

There are a few reasons to respond to the messages that your business Facebook page receives. The first is that there is evidence that suggests the Facebook algorithm measures message response time. If you do not reply, your page may therefore be ranked lower.

The second reason is that users can see your response time on the page. If it is slow, the users are likely to leave so that they can find a similar page with a better response time. The final reason is fairly obvious: the messaging app is a great way to communicate with your customers. If you ignore them, they probably will not visit your page again! For any more advice on engaging with your customers through social media and how you can market yourself correctly you could try a Branding Agency Gloucestershire company on links like http://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/brand-development/.  They could help you with logos and the choice of photography on your site to.

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Embed your content

If you can embed your Facebook content into your blog, you should. In this way, it will reach a much wider audience.

Include your email list

You can upload your email list – your email subscribers – to Facebook. Once this has loaded, you will be able to advertise to each email via Facebook. This will increase your social reach and means you can contact potential customers using multiple platforms.

Use videos

According to the Guardian, video content is one of the most popular marketing tools. You should make sure that you include at least one original video in your campaign.

Enjoy yourself

You need to enjoy the campaign you are running; otherwise, it will seem phoney and unbelievable. Try to create something you really enjoy and are proud of!


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