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Internal communication has become a fundamental part to raise the sense of belonging of an employee with respect to SMEs in working. A basic tool to motivate, enable the development of workers and provide a work environment that promotes productivity. 

What is internal communication?

Employees are the cornerstone on which a company’s internal communication and holds the key to its success. As brand ambassador, a worker identified by your organization will be the best prescriber to customers of the organization and other stakeholders. We are in the era of people, in which the talent of employees is the key to transformation, as well as the most competitive advantage for companies.

Business How do you recommend to an SME make internal communication?

The key is to make a plan and ensure its implementation. Designing what will you do and do it.

To do this you need to maintain an adequate flow of information within the organization, creating spaces for relevant employee involvement in strategic projects and ensure adequate listening channels (feedback) to receive at all times the views and concerns of the equipment.

What are the latest trends in internal communication?

Companies need to recognize, motivate, develop the talent and loyalty. Creating engagement with its internal public. In this sense, the aspects that are already running on the most advanced organizations in internal communication are: the use of technological tools (online, mobile and 2.0) to develop a true internal communication “in real time”; the involvement of leaders (executives and managers) on the development of internal communication and management of audio-visual tools to maximize the impact. Shares of gamification (learning skills through play) is also currently managing internal communication purposes.

Do you think the directors of SMEs understand the benefits of adequate internal communication?

We are in the golden age of internal communication. Because of the recession and the use of internet companies have been putting the focus on external audiences to put it in the procedure. It has grown considerably interest in the employee. In this sense, we can say without fear of contradiction, that the company management is receiving more and more, the strategic role of internal communication to achieve business goals.

Not all, but many people have realized that internal communication is an obligation and a priority. As I mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs have begun to give a prominent position within organizations. According to the latest report by the Observatory of Internal Communication and Corporate Identity, directed by Inforpress, Institute for Enterprise and Human Capital, more and more involvement of the presidency and of the steering committee on projects.

What are the effects on productivity and efficiency good internal communication?

As already noted, the internal communication helps decisively to achieving business goals of an organization. Some of these objectives are to improve productivity and efficiency. In this sense, good internal communication should not only help improve these indicators, but also should help the team to understand the importance of them on the progress of the organization. If an employee feels “relevant” in your company, you will understand and espouse the goals.

Now more than ever, it is time for companies to begin work on the proper management of people with a strategic approach that allows them to retain the best professionals and influence when it comes to achieving the goals of the company. To do this, they must act on different dimensions among which include: training, development of skills, experience, involvement and communication.

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