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The corporate blog is the best way to approach the clients of a company. Tell them: these are our products, we do this for these reasons and we start talking to you with you.

Yes, You have to be very clear that a blog is a bi-directional tool. You have to be prepared for the comments made by customers. For good and for bad. You can have a hundred users, consumers, who interact with the brand and who are very valuable. They tell you what they think about the products, about the brand, how you have to focus on branding. It is very useful information. But they are not going to cut themselves from saying that your product is bad if they do not like it. That is something that anyone who makes a corporate blog should keep in mind. But it is not a negative thing if you know how to use it. In that case, you must answer, ask why it seems bad, and tell him that you are going to analyze it and you will take it into account. If the entrepreneur dares that they can speak ill of them, that is not easy to assume,

Another advantage of the blog is that it allows you to control the information that is published about your products or your brand. If you have your blog, who speaks of your brand is you, who positions it in search engines are you … An example. If I have a print shop in Coslada and somebody gives it for talking badly about it, it can come out in the first Google results. But if the printer has his blog, the first results will be those of the printing press, the information that she wants to highlight.

You should not try to censor anything that customers write, even if it is nonsense. In the network, you could rebel and multiply by a thousand what you want to hide.

To make a corporate blog and improve the image of your company

What can you write?

corporate blog

You can talk about the new products of the company, offer information about your services, advice on how to use your products, tell success stories of your customers, problems that you have had with suppliers, partners or of any kind, etc. Any content that you can think of, but without turning your blog into an unbearable auto bomb. People are tired of being sold new, supposedly innovative products. What they most appreciate is the human character that you can give to the company. Knowing that behind the company there is a human team. People who try to make that happen Comment the things of the day today. If you have problems, too. Possibly there are people who give you solutions, someone who knows you, who treats you every day, can pass you a contact. That works more than saying we are wonderful.[You are interested in reading … 6 steps to create your minimum viable blog ]

The most likely thing is that what you write interests few people, but it is enough that it interests the right people: your clients, your suppliers … Which are not more than 50? They can be enough.

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It is recommended above all CEO or entrepreneur blogs, a variant of corporate blogs, since, he assures, it is the most successful model. The entrepreneur tells you what he does, where he is going, what he is working on … and creates a community that follows and participates in the project. It is very important for a corporate blog. Check this content also http://optimaspecialty.com/business/in-the-name-of-the-brand-the-company-and-social-networks/

How to make yourself popular

corporate blog

The first, with a good positioning. Using all the keywords that help us stand out in the network. In addition, you must update the contents frequently, to generate traffic. And above all, participate actively in the blogosphere. Blogging is not just writing a post, it is linking others. Recommend what you see and leave comments in others. When you link to another person’s blog, that person will always be curious to know who has linked you. You will enter yours, leave a comment … Search for another hundred blogs that talk about your topic and become a user of those blogs. Leave your URL and you will be punctured if you leave valuable comments. It is very important for a corporate blog.corporate blog

You can also create links in Google Adword and pay 30 cents for each visit you receive. Or resort to much simpler formulas. Publish the blog address in all correspondence of the company.

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