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Digital marketing campaigns and even the very appearance of a website must respond effectively to the needs of the target audience. This field of inbound marketing is known Segmentation and covers issues associated with the sales funnel and the buyer person. The key strategy for digital marketing will explain below.

Here we explain it to you.

Segmentation: Key strategy for digital marketing

Segmentation of profiles: Buyer personKey strategy for digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies have been developed. Now, it is necessary to become familiar with the concept of Buyer person. It is about the integral development of the profiles of potential consumers. The concept goes far beyond the demographic characteristics of our target audience to focus on their needs and interests.

Each buyer person stereotypes a user (potential buyer) considering:Key strategy for digital marketing

  • Your online behavior: The websites you buy, the social networks you use, the information you usually search on the internet, the hours you stay connected, etc.
  • Your offline behavior: job responsibilities, hobbies, motivations, personal goals, and influences.

An interesting way to understand this concept is to analyze the online gambling market. We could identify a key demographic audience: men between 18 and 45 years old who represent 85% of consumers of this type of services (DGOJ, 2017). However, the players of an online casino present different psychological profiles: the recurring player or the occasional one; the competitive one or the one that plays for fun; the risky or the one who keeps his bets to the minimum. In that sense, advertising texts and marketing campaigns should respond to the interests and needs of each of these profiles.

On the internet, you will find many useful templates to elaborate on the buyer people of your business. The good use of this tool will allow you to expand the niche of your products or services.

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The sales funnel: key aspect for segmentation

The sales funnel is the representation of the customer loyalty process with your brand or business.

It comprises four phases; All of them are important in the development of the advertising content of marketing campaigns. It is an important key strategy for digital marketing.

  1. Awareness: The person “perceives” a motivation or concern. From time to time, it will consume content and useful information that satisfies your curiosity.
  2. Research: The person identifies a need and actively seeks content to develop their current knowledge.
  3. Decision: The consumer, who is already fully aware of the need, has read enough of your brand and wants to know how your products or services could satisfy it.
  4. Action: The consumer makes the purchase.

If we continue with our example of online casino, we might think that recurrent and competitive players already know enough about online gambling. Therefore, the most effective marketing campaigns would be those that motivate direct purchase actions. For example, offering coupons with free chips, or discounts.

Businesses based on electronic commerce grow exponentially. The supply of products and services far exceeds demand. Here we highlight the importance of segmentation and its most effective tools: the buyer person and the sales funnel for the development of marketing strategies extitosas