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“I started to make bags to sell to my friends and now have customers all over the country.” – Ricardo Tatiana

Ricardo Tatiana is a young Colombian who studied fashion design at the University of Palermo in Argentina and return home to start Geppetos, a small business that sells handbags and everywhere in Colombia. More Reviews on here http://how2dream.com/

BusinessWith her title and eager to start a career, Tatiana returned to Colombia to start exercising as a fashion designer, but found a pretty complicated world of work. After spending weeks looking for a job in line with what I had studied and that offered a good salary, she realized that her dream job did not exist and had to start doing something on their own.

The beginnings are never easy

With the initial capital entrepreneurial bought materials to make some bags and traveled to an aunt to use her sewing machine while the business allowed him to buy a machine.

Without many resources but with great determination, Tatiana started making handbags thinking about selling her friends.

“The first bag I designed thinking about how I would like to me, and as my friends have similar tastes, then start selling to them.”

Taking small but very firm steps, Tatiana invested all their income in more material to continue producing bags. It was months before she could enjoy the profits of your business first.

Not enough to have a good product

With a well-defined segment of customers and a very attractive product, you’d think you have guaranteed success, but Tatiana itself would prove that to succeed in business takes more than a good product .

“If I wanted to continue my business should maintain a sustainable flow of sales, but the city where I live is a bit small and did not know who else to sell.”

Locally implemented different strategies. He invited her friends to do word of mouth, shared her designs in her personal Facebook account and try to make alliances with stores to be allowed to sell their products there, but still not get the expected level of sales.

Internet, a very effective sales channel

A little worried, Tatiana decided to try new alternatives. I knew the Internet could help you sell more, but did not know how, so he decided to seek advice from friends who had several years developing web projects.

After a couple of meetings, they built a marketing plan to boost sales of Geppetos. They created a website and one fan page.

“Thanks to social networks and Internet sales took off. Until dawn answered messages from people interested in the bags and the next day preparing to send to different parts of Colombia. I started making handbags to sell my friends and now have clients in all the country.”

However, more customers mean more responsibility. Every day that passes, Tatiana challenges are becoming bigger, but in the same way, facing these new challenges with greater enthusiasm, commitment and determination.

More than a job, it’s a passion

For Tatiana, more than a job, Geppetos has become a passion. Wake up every day with a great twinkle in his eye and determined to find new customers.

When we asked her about her experience as an entrepreneur, he replied:

“My goal was not to create a business, I just wanted to devote myself to what I really like,. But today more than ever I am convinced that I made the right decision to be an entrepreneur has been a great challenge for me, but it has also been a wonderful adventure. I think entrepreneurship is doing what you love and love what you do. “

Big words from a young entrepreneur with passion, discipline and determination are building their dreams.Surely great successes await her and her business.

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