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If you’re a business student, you are probably well aware of the benefits of attending an MBA program after earning your BA or BS in business.  It can take your education to the next level, allow you to start your career at a higher level and higher pay (instead of starting on the bottom rung in an entry-level position), and generally prepare you for the demands of a career in the business world.  What if you’re an art, music, or language student, though?  What if you studied humanities or social sciences in your undergrad program?  What if your focus was on science, math, or engineering?  Why would you want an MBA?  Can it help you in your career?

The answer is almost unequivocally yes.  An MBA can help you to advance in nearly any career you might choose.  Suppose, for example, you hold an undergrad degree in English.  Your job prospects could include any number of language-related jobs.  However, you might have plans to work as a freelance writer for blogs or social media.  You might dream of becoming an author.  Or maybe you want to work in the corporate world, providing content for marketing, PR, or other teams.  There are many ways you could utilize an English degree, but if you understand business as well then you’re a much more valuable asset to any corporate entity.  Or should you decide to go into business for yourself, you’ll have the knowledge, skill, and insight to properly manage your business affairs and reach success as your own boss.

How Will an MBA Help in Your Career

Whether you’re interested in starting a restaurant, providing IT services, managing an equestrian center, becoming a record exec, selling real estate, or doing almost any other job, an MBA can help you to reach your professional goals.  It is an especially important step for anyone who harbors dreams of entrepreneurship.  Just because your education has prepared you to work in a particular field, or you have experience working in certain industries, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re capable of owning and operating a business; or more to the point, succeeding in your endeavors.  While some people seem to have a head for business, a more reliable way to ensure success is by going through a program that teaches you all you need to know about managing a company.

An MBA program will educate you in business management, finance/accounting, marketing, and virtually every other aspect of business operations.  This will win you points with prospective employers, as well as prepare you to launch your own business enterprise.  The value of this type of degree cannot be overstated.  You will have to put off starting your career for a while, and an MBA program will also add to your mountain of student debt.  But when you walk away from WSU’s executive MBA program with a degree in hand, you can apply for jobs with confidence or start creating a solid business plan that allows you to raise the capital needed to open your own business.  No matter what field you’re in or what undergrad degree you earned, it’s important to understand the ways in which an MBA can help you to further your career.

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