Not long ago, launching a product to market and promote it was something reserved only for multinational companies with big budgets and access to television ads that required a very large cost.

But since a few years ago with the advent of the Internet and social networks, promote a product has become an activity that anyone can do.

BusinessYes, even you can do it, and without spending a dime on advertising.

Want to know how? 9 reads well methods you propose then to advertise your goods or services and that you can put into practice free or very little money investing your budget.

1. Through a Facebook page

A Facebook page is the first method that you must implement to promote your product. It will not cost you anything to create one, can reach thousands of people with it, and its handling is very simple.

To make a good promotion in this environment, you can post updates to your website or locally, add images and product videos to your fans explaining how it works, etc.

It is also a good idea to give people an incentive to visit your Facebook page who click on the button “Like” and can receive updates you post.

For example, offer them a small book in PDF related to your product for free in exchange for fans of your Facebook account become format.

2. Promote your product with discount vouchers

A voucher can be a powerful tool to promote your product to attract customers and increase your sales.

The best strategy you can implement here is to limit the time that the discount can be used(for example, only a few days or a few weeks) and the number of people who can use it.

Thus, you will create on the client a sense of exclusivity (the only person who has the bonus may use it) and urgency.

This coupon can deliver it in several ways:

  • Publishing it on your Facebook page so that only your fans can use it.
  • Emailing subscribers to your newsletter.
  • If you have a physical business, handing off this role to customers when making a purchase,or give the coupon to people passing through the streets near your store.

3. Sending your product to bloggers in your industry

This method is most often used now by both large brands such as by small entrepreneurs who want to promote their goods or services.

It is to find or influential bloggers in your industry youtubers talk to their readers and followers about your product.

The first step to set that up is to find people related to your industry.

If you want to promote a recipe book you’ve written, it would be foolish to send it to someone to write a blog on cell phones and computers. Your readers will be interested in the latest iPhone to hit the market, not how to make a chocolate cake.

So Google searches and forums which YouTube channels and popular blogs discuss where products are similar to yours.

Once you’ve found at least 10 different people, make sure you have a good base of followers and readers, and Contact them.

It is best that you propose to send them your product for free to try to change what they do a review on their channels or blogs talking about that article.

4. Delivering samples

There is no better way to promote a product and make your customers buy it to try it out before allowing them.

Not all items can be promoted in this way (if you have a clothing store, you will not give a free shirt or cut a piece of manga for someone to test the quality of your clothes).

But if your product allows, give an example of this is a good promotion strategy.

Free samples can offer them in your own shop, deliver when the customer makes a purchase – so detonators future purchases – or distribute them in the street along with a brochure advertising or throwing them in mailboxes of nearby houses.

If you have an online store, send samples with every order or enable you send a form to your potential customers request.

In the latter option beware: make sure to set the condition that only one sample per person and address is sent, and see that shipping will not involve an investment of your money.

5. By advertising by email

For this method you need two things: a site and a subscriber list.

If you have an online business, you will be very easy to do that on your own site can include a list to which people subscribe to receive news of your enterprise.

Once you have a good subscriber base (for example, more than 1,000), you can start sending emails announcing the launch of your product, promotions and discounts that you make, etc.

And you will have direct contact with your potential clients and attract them will get your website to see what you sell and buy.

I know what you’re thinking: that to have a newsletter you have to hire a subscription service; and that costs money.

6. Put in place a competition

We all like free things and excitement of entering a competition to see if we are winning or not.

So a draw of some kind not only help you promote your product, but also to create curious about how it works and want to buy it at the end if we have not been winning.

The best strategy here is that your competition is through social networking to expand your advertising everything.

In Facebook you can ask your fans to participate in their profiles to share your publication in which the picture of your product and its description appears with a link to your website.

On Instagram, upload a photo of your article and asked to follow your own and share that picture with your text on their profiles.

It is true that this method need to send your product for free to the winner, but that person will prove it and talk about it to their friends, family, or even your blog or YouTube channel if you have one.

The other participants who do not win will know your business, know where you are, and probably will start to be interested in you and will make a buying what you have drawn.

It is a strategy in which everyone wins.

7. Write a guest post on other websites

Another good way to promote a product is to write guest posts on websites or blogs that are related to your industry.

It is similar to sending a product to bloggers and youtubers method, but in this case what is exchanged is an article written by you in exchange for publication in different media.

Yes, the post can not be any: must have good quality and provide value to readers of the page you publish.

In this article you can write about an important issue and subtly promote your product for people who are interested in reading it.

8. Collaborate with other businesses

A good strategy is to do a collaboration with another business that is not directly your competition, but has customers like yours.

Join the other business to promote your product and you do the same with yours.

An example: imagine you have a hairdresser. Looking centers pedicures and manicures to reach an agreement to give special offers to customers of both businesses.

So when your family go for a haircut, you promotional items pedicure center and vice versa.

9. Create workshops and demonstrations

If you have a product that is better than your buyers to try it before buying, do not hesitate to offer free demonstrations in your business.

So be aware of how it works, and increase their desire to buy. But you can also create free workshops to teach how to use that item or make the most different uses.

Apple is one of the brands that most uses this technique, and therefore has a great success in sales. Made workshops every so often to teach users how to use their latest releases and so hook them into buying.

If you have an online business, it is more difficult to implement this technique; but a physical one you can do in your own home or in the street you have your store.