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MQL machine cooling lubricants offer a better way to keep your equipment cool and in steady operation. Although the system is very different from traditional coolant flooding, MQL is just as effective and uses less chemicals to get the job done.

Mist Versus Flood

MQL is a way of cooling machining equipment that is effective, yet uses far less chemicals than traditional flooding coolants. A light mist of lubricant is applied to the surface of machine parts and instantly reduces the temperature. This allows for more continuous use of the equipment. Traditional flooding using coolants can cost you in downtime when parts have to be cleaned of excess fluids. There is zero time spend changing fluids when using a lubricant.

Lubrication Versus Coolant

Machining with MQL cooling Saves storage space and money. The amount of lubricant it takes to keep machines operational is far less than coolants. Sticking with traditional coolants requires additional space to store new coolant, as well as available space to store the used coolant for disposal. Using lubricant can open up more space to store raw materials for machining.

Reducing Heat Through Friction Control

A constant flow of liquid over machine parts is required for a traditional coolant system to work. Lubrication cooling requires very little in the way of product. All you need is a light mist of lubricant to coat the surface of the parts to reduce frictional heating.

On-Demand Cooling

MQL methods of cooling can offer to reduce the friction, thus lowering the heat, as the machining equipment has the need. Flooding coolant methods have to be used at all times to remain effective. You then have to worry about shutting down to clean parts and change fluids.

Minimal Use of Product

Coolant products to flood machining equipment are not cheap. Beyond the initial cost, you also have to pay to have the used chemicals removed and disposed of the right way. This is double the costs when a lubricant system is one-cost solution. It becomes obvious that the monetary saving make the switch worthwhile.

Contact machining parts cooling specialists like MagLube to find out how MQL machining can save your company money now!

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