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To keep customers happy and coming back for more, it’s important that caterers stay on top of the current food trends.

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Here is a look at what people are on the lookout for when they’re out and about and in need of a nibble. Are you prepared?

Keep it local

It’s good to see eateries displaying their menus with locally sourced produce as we all become more interested in where our food comes from. Local food is environmentally friendly because it produces a lower carbon footprint in order to reach the table. In addition, it’s fresher and healthier and helps out your neighbours financially.

It’s a veg-out

It looks like healthy eating is here to stay. With Rise of the Vegan telling us that searches for the term “vegan” on Google are at an all-time high, we can see that there’s a demand for vegan snacks and meals. Make sure that you’re stocked up with vegan-friendly muffins, cookies and pizza to satisfy demand.

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Avocado isn’t toast

There’s still a huge demand for the buttery goodness of avocado served on delicious slices of granary toast. Mix it up a little bit with your presentation – smashed, sliced or fanned – and add some interesting bits on the side to keep this dish the mainstay of anyone’s healthy breakfast or brunch.

Get a “pizza” the action

The trend for wood-fired pizza continues to be popular, bringing with it other street-food-inspired dishes. Make sure that you’re up to date and have all the right equipment to pop in a pizza and chargrill meats and veggies. Places such as https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/ have an amazing selection of catering equipment.

Sweet treats

While we might be watching the sugar content on popular snacks, we still love a freakshake on special occasions. A delicious combination of milkshake and cream topped with cake and sauce and a bucketload of sweets thrown on top, this monster mash-up has made its way from Australia and is still a popular sugar fix.

Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground to stay aware of the ever-shifting food trends and make sure that you’ll be quick to dish up what your customers want. Quick reactions to change can make all the difference in pulling in the pounds when customers get hungry.


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