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For many people, it makes sense to work from home at the beginning, but when your business really takes off and you need to think about the next step, it is worth considering whether continuing to work at home will remain convenient in the long term. However, there are many benefits from having an office at home, here are just a few:

  1. No commute

Commuting can be a real obstacle. Whether it takes 2 hours or 30 minutes, that is time out of your day which is essentially wasted. When you work from home, you can be at your table (or wherever you like to work), checking your email within a few minutes of waking up, or relax with a coffee rather than being stuck in traffic or crammed onto a train.

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  1. It costs less

Office space can be expensive, depending on your specific needs, and if you’re just working alone, it may feel like an unnecessary extravagance. Whether you work from home or rent office space, you can claim back part of the costs, whether as part of the burden of self-employed tax deductions or as part of your capital allowances, but you cannot claim to buy or build a business.

  1. It gives you more flexibility with your home life

Sometimes, there are things that you just have to be home for. Whether it’s waiting for an important delivery or taking care of sick children, if you work from home you are flexible enough to be able to cope with the unexpected.

Moreover, there are every day chores that you can fit around your work. If there is a period of time that you know you’ll be waiting, you can easily pop a load of laundry in or do the dishes before getting back to work.

  1. You can set it up however you want

People can be very particular about how they want to work. Maybe you need to be surrounded by plants, or keep your office environment at a specific temperature. Maybe you even work best curling up on the couch with your laptop on your lap. Office space – especially shared office space – can have a lot more constraints on what you can and cannot do.

You can also choose exactly the office furniture that you want, without having to put up with whatever management thinks is economical! Spoil yourself with an amazing chair that will make you want to work, like the Eames Office Chair. Find a replica at a site like https://www.pash-classics.com/office/chairs.

  1. It is more environmentally friendly

Whether you are driving or using public transport to get to your office, you expand your carbon footprint. Working from home will automatically take that out of the equation.

In rented office space, you also will be constrained by the rules and regulations of the whole building. There may not be recycling points or use of energy-saving practices in particular. When you work from home, you have more control over how green you are.

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