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You must have used or at least heard of Pinterest, a social network that has been growing a lot among worldwide users. And it can be a great source of free traffic to your blog or website.

Currently, Pinterest receives around 200 million monthly users and has been growing absurdly.

The biggest mistake most bloggers make when they hear about Pinterest is that it’s a social network just for crafts and women’s tips. With this, they believe that if they are in another niche, it will have no use. [I even thought that!] And that’s totally wrong!

This week in my incessant search for free traffic source for my projects, I ended up doing some tests on Pinterest, and I was surprised at the result I got in just 1 hour of work. [That’s right, just a dedicated hour, using some simple techniques!]

What is Pinterest?

[Already know what it is? Then skip to the next topic.]

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Basically, it is a social network where you can ” Hang ” photos, videos and other content from the internet, separating content by folders and subfolders, and in the way that interests you the most. Keep reading https://reviewsgang.com/tips-and-ideas/five-content-writing-considerations/

How can it help me get traffic to my blog?

The contents of Pinterest have excellent positioning in Google, both Web and Images, besides possessing millions of direct accesses of its users.

To attract your audience you will basically post content from your blog on Pinterest [Basically] , but, let’s do it the right way! Because if not, there is no result.

You’re gonna need it:

1.Make an account on Pinterest.

2.Download the Pinterest extension for Google Chrome. [Optional, but it is of great use.]

If you do not have the extension and do not know how to install, just click here: Downloading and installing the Pinterest extension for Google Chrome. Check this article also https://rewardprice.com/business-ideas/what-is-more-important-in-social-media-experience-or-training/

Step 1: Editing your registration

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[Now that you already have your Pinterest account, let’s go to the next step.]

What will make the difference between 0 visitors and thousands of visitors daily will be your keywords? The Pinterest basically functions as a browser, so if you use the best keywords for your niche, quite important you will have much more visits. It will increase your blog free traffic.

Log in to your Pinterest account and go to the settings,

Corporate Name

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Enter the name that identifies your account, and is sure to use and abuse the keywords relevant to your business. For example, if you have a Blog called ” RopaBonitas” geared towards the Fashion Niche, try using a name like Ropa Bonita | Fashion Style Style Fabric Tips. Continue Reading- 7 Reasons to Create a Sales FAQ on Your Site Now

About you

free traffic

Use text full of keywords to help users find their content easier.

Claim website

Claim your website, on the platform itself, has a brief explanation of how to make this claim. It’s very simple, and then you will have access to some access analysis.

In that session, they would basically be these changes. And remember! The more keywords, and the better quality!

Step 2: Posting content

Here is the main step, to post the contents, simply access your website, search for an image, and click the save icon. Like for example accessing here the blog:

[If you do not have the Pinterest extension for the web browser, just access here to learn how to download]

After clicking the save button, a Popup will appear with these options:

Text for the image

free traffic

Click on the pencil to insert (fill) keywords [I have already made clear the importance of key words] .

Choose or create a folder

If you do not have any folders created, create a new folder! And a very important tip:

Create a name for the folder that has to do with the content, and again, fill in keywords! In the example below, you could put the folder name as Ways to Monetize Facebook Fan Page Winning Profit 2018. It will increase your blog free traffic.

Save Your Pin!

free traffic

Now click save and you’re done!

You can also edit your Pin by accessing your Pinterest profile.

Before writing this article, I did a test using only the tips presented here. I used a profile that I had created a while back and posted content anyway.

I changed all the Pins I had, and the folder names [It took me only 1 hour to do this because I did not have much content]. And see the result in 1 single day:

Notice that on the 12th I did not have any content preview, it was really ZERO! And after I made the changes suggested in this article, in just 1 day, I came to have 1,043 views of organic content.  Remembering that the more content views, more chances of users clicking, and visiting your site.

With this 1 hour of work, and a result day, I got 58 organic visits. There are people generating thousands of daily visits to this social network. What are you waiting for?

Final tip

Stop spending all your energy on Facebook and Instagram!

Although they are excellent platforms for getting traffic, the rules of the game are altered every now and then, too much harming those who invested time and money on Uncle Mark’s social networks.

[Be sure to use Instagram and Facebook, though, do not waste all your time with them!]

So how about instead of you wasting hours creating content for free to Uncle Mark Zuckerberg, and he did not deliver this content to anyone. Do you use a little of that time by creating pins of your content for Pinterest?

Remember: Never have a business based on just one platform, because the moment it stops working like Orkut, you will lose all your work.

In addition to  Facebook,  for example, it has further lowered the reach of the pages, and especially of the links posted on the pages, causing many people to stop making money with their online business. It will increase your blog free traffic much more.

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