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Within any environment needing refrigeration, such as restaurants, cafes and bars, you may find that you’ve built up a collection of fridges and freezers to house everything. While a commercial cold room may seem like a big investment, in the long run it has many advantages over the fridges and freezers in your kitchen or storage area, and here we consider four major points.

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A cold room can provide an abundance of space. Once you reach a certain number of refrigeration units, you’ll find that walk in cold rooms offer the same amount of storage and actually use up less space. What’s more, that space will be much easier to access and organise than any number of fridges, especially when it comes to stock rotation. Your cold room can be fitted with shelves and space-saving furniture to ensure that organisation is vastly improved upon compared to numerous freezers.


Using one large chiller unit for a commercial cold room is much more efficient than a room full of refrigerators and freezers. Not only helping the environment, it will certainly help reduce your electricity bills, as less energy is needed to chill the same amount of produce. Furthermore, maintenance costs can be reduced, as there is only one unit to be serviced and maintained. The Carbon Trust advises not to overfill refrigeration units to ensure they’re running efficiently, and a large cold room will ensure good space management.

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When there are fewer units running in your restaurant or store, there is a lower risk of fire or electrical problems. Employees will also see improvements in health issues, as walk in cold rooms don’t require stretching or bending over to reach items like a chest freezer does.


While the initial cost of a cold room may seem high, make sure you compare the running costs with your current set-up. A walk in cold room will require less energy to run and fewer components to be replaced, and in the long run you could see a cost saving in your monthly expenses. There are cold rooms to suit all budgets with differing features that are highlighted by companies such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms.

Without a doubt, a commercial cold store will have a huge impact on your business, from employee satisfaction to day-to-day running costs.

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