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No employee wants to work in an office that is less than clean. While there is some responsibility on the employee to keep a clear desk and clean up after themselves whenever there is a spillage it is a bit much to expect them to get out the hoovers and furniture polish at the end of the day. It’s a good idea to have a company do it and Commercial cleaning from Intocleaning could well be the answer. However there are certain things that you and the team can do to stop it snowballing in to a giant mess for them to sort out.

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It doesn’t matter where you are Commercial cleaning Gloucester, Carlise or Edinburgh these tips will help these 2 things will help.

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  1. Don’t eat at your desk. You don’t get any points for Desk Fasting (eating your breakfast first thing whilst working) and getting out the sandwiches at lunchtime should not happen either. Studies show that apart from the clutter and mess it’s good to get away from the desk for a bit and go someplace else to eat.
  2. Make sure the bins are nearby. One for Recycling, one for confidential and one for non recyclables like food waste and wrappers. Don’t make the team walk miles or else they won’t bother.

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