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If photography is your passion, we give you some keys to live from photography and turn it into a business. We share how to earn money with photography.

The market to make money with photography is quite broad. Still, there are many photographers who can not find a way to do business in this sector. And is that they may not be taking advantage of new technologies or not applying the advice that we normally give to professionals and freelancers, then let’s talk about photography or consulting, the advice is practically the same. That’s why we’re going to give some business ideas to make money with photography.

Initial advice

There are many photographers that exist today, so the competition is broad. So you should look for any way to excel, to offer something different, and above all, offer a high added value to your work. Acquire as many skills as possible and, of course, have a lot of practice. Perhaps that is the difference between photographers who charge $35 for a session and others who charge more than $1200 for a session.

The biggest difficulty for the photographer that begins

You can be an excellent photographer. You can be tremendously good with editing. You can be simply magnificent, and even so, you may have difficulty finding clients who are willing to pay for your work.

In this sense, the more people see your work, the more likely you will be that someone is interested in hiring your services to like what you do and how you do it. This is very obvious, but many fall into the error of thinking that by being good at what they do they will earn more money than others that are less good. Almost never is this way, and as a rule, it ends up earning more money that knows how to sell better and uses different strategies to achieve it. Photography in this sense is no exception.

Mandatory initial steps to earn money with photographyearn money with photography

Create a web or a blog as a portfolio where you can gather the best of the best of your work. There he facilitates, by all means, the way to contact you.

Create an account of Instagram. You can also open Vero account. Also on Flickr. Evidently with the profile open in public. We do not want your work to be private, right?

If yours is the photograph of people, it is very likely that if you are starting you should apply an initial win-win strategy (in photography has another name) in which you will offer a free session to some models to have your first jobs. Consider it an investment as an advertisement.

Business ideas to make earn money with photography

1. Stock photographyearn money with photography

Shutterstock is one of the many image banks where you can buy photographs, and where photographers can sell them to earn money with photography.

It probably requires work and patience, but it is a way for a photographer to obtain income that can be repaid over time. There are many people who upload their photographs to the platforms selling photographs where the media usually buy. It is clear that your photos here must be of the highest quality. For each photo that is sold on the platform, you will get a percentage of the amount of the sale. So the more photos you have uploads and more quality have the photos, the more likely there is that your income takes off.

On the other hand, I clarify that although we are focusing everything on photography, in the subject of the video there is also a very wide niche in the image and video banks.

2. Have your own YouTube channelearn money with photography

In the channel, you have several options. Either you can focus on showing only your work or you can record videos about how you do it or directly teach others to do it. In this case, you have several benefits. First of all, you have the advertising revenue for visualizations in your channel, which can be very variable although in some cases it is profitable. It is another way to earn money with photography.

On the other hand, you increase your visibility to the public. That is, more people will find you, more people will see you, and therefore, more likely that they end up hiring your services.

And finally, take advantage of that visibility to sell other types of products that would lead us to the next business idea, and this one is more profitable. Continue reading – 17 legitimate ways to earn money online

3. Sale of tutorialsearn money with photography

If you are able to do a good photography course, you could save a lot of time for the new photographers in the matter of learning and when solving certain problems. This custom can be sold both through your Youtube channel and through your own website, as well as through your Instagram account. This is one of the best ways to earn money with photography.

Moreover, another way to get to know you is using Facebook Ads, Facebook advertising, with the sale of these courses, where not only will you be able to sell more courses, but those that do not buy, can become subscribers of your channel or your Instagram account. For this, as we always advise, we must have a good landing page.

4. Affiliate products are one of the most common businesses to generate income with photography

A business form used by photographers. Whenever you talk about photography, you can place the affiliate links to the products you are showing towards the Amazon page. As you already know, for every purchase made through the link, you will take a commission not only of the product but of the rest of the products that the person adds to the shopping cart. It is one of the ways to earn money with photography.

5. Advertisersearn money with photography

Once you have a good exposure or a large following community, advertisers will not be long in coming. I do not think it is necessary to explain this business. You recommend a product on your YouTube or Instagram channel and the advertiser pays you what you agreed.

And all this adds to the traditional business of photographyearn money with photography

Everything mentioned in the previous points sometimes accounts for 80% of the income currently for photographers, far ahead of what is the session in traditional person, but increases the possibility of finding more customers.

Needless to say, it is still a profitable business to dedicate yourself to the photography of weddings, baptisms, communions, models, etc …

Final advice: Value your work if you want to live from photography

The problem for most photographers who start is that they do not know how much to charge for a photo shoot. And here many factors would come into play.

First of all, to know how much you have to charge for your work or photography session, you must calculate the approximate time you will need to complete the session. That is photo shoot + edition.

If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to photography, you must add to your work hours the cost of the self-employed and other derived costs. Another thing is if you only want to earn extra money by adding it to another type of activity. In that case, of course, you can charge 30 or 60 dollars for a photo session. A professional photographer knows that 70 dollars for a session are not profitable to live professionally in photography.

As we said, at the beginning you can make many exceptions, such as doing free work or charging very little, especially when you are starting. At the moment you want to convert the photograph into your main business, you must already put the cost of the session at a price in which this activity is profitable.

At the moment, it is preferable not to take certain low-cost jobs and expressly focus on those who will charge a price commensurate with your work and effort. That is, earn more with less because doing the opposite can lead to burn and turn that passion of yours into a disappointment.