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Are you looking to set up a small business? It is, however, essential to be aware of the different digital marketing trends that are available these days. This increases your presence as a small business, be it online or in the real market. For any business to survive in this technological era, online presence and marketing are vital. It is good to know which digital marketing trend is best suited for your company before investing time and money in it. Below, find some of the top trends that are prevailing in the digital marketing world these days.

Video Content and Live Streaming

Today, most people go for video contents that are accessible on both computers and mobile devices. Videos can be watched anytime and anywhere! It is a fast-growing trend in 2018 which you cannot ignore if you own a small business. Imagine the numerable possibilities it represents. On videos, you can create tutorials about your products and services, as well as record testimonials of those customers who tried them. This gives a good idea of what your business is all about, making it trustworthy.

Live streaming is also one of the trends which allow you to personally interact with your customers. Answering to their questions and taking suggestions become much easier. Through this method, you can also conduct live tours of your company and organise special events which bring your products or brand in the forefront. It also lets you connect with your customers in a personalised way and build a good rapport with them.

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Social Media Marketing

Since the last couple of years, the popularity of social media has never ceased to grow. Social networks are not only a platform for relatives and friends to stay in touch but are also very profitable for small businesses. For example, you can easily create a page for your brand and products on Facebook where you can promote them and directly interact with potential customers. Creating engaging posts, photos and videos on the different social platforms is a major step towards growth.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram are some of the main social networks where you can attract many prospective clients. With the growing popularity of online shopping, people spend an average of 135 minutes per day to research the best brands and products they can opt for and make their purchasing decisions. Hence, it is crucial for your small business to be visible on these platforms, as well as on search engines.

Email Marketing

With the popularity of social media, email marketing seems to be less effective. However, that’s not the case! It is still a crucial strategy which can be used by any small business. Each email that a company sends out helps to generate more leads. The challenge here is to create the most effective emails to draw customers and compel them to make a buying decision. Emails also help in announcing rewards, new products or discounts.

However, since most marketing emails end up in the Spam or Junk folder, it is an excellent idea to use a special software which allows you to collect data on your customers and create the best e-mail newsletters that are suited to their needs and wants. Content creation and data generation are essential for an effective email marketing.

Content Marketing

You must have heard the saying “Content is King”. This is not far from the truth! Since long, content marketing has been the mantra for small businesses when it comes to digital marketing. Creating a type of content which really sells is a challenge for all content marketers. Readers easily go for contents which are fresh, unique, thoughtful and engaging.

A content also has an influence on your website’s SEO ranking. The more engaging the content is, the better it is for your business! The longer readers stay on your website to read engaging posts, the more visible it becomes. It is very easy for consumers to detect unoriginal, complicated or boring content, which makes them click away rapidly. As a small business, go for the best content writers to promote your brand through excellent articles.

Opt for any of these digital marketing trends to rapidly grow your small business and make it stand the test of time!

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