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All companies will have a culture which helps to set the tone for how employees work and how a business is perceived by the public. It might seem like a matter for internal consideration only but it can affect whether a customer chooses that business or one of its competitors.

Some cultures are more productive and beneficial than others and every company have one, whether it’s by design or accident. So, how can a company use this culture to attract future business and success?

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Think of a company. How does it make you feel when you think about it? Can you recall a news story or press event about this company recently? Finally, can you recall any comments, stories or experiences that people have told you about regarding this company and how many were positive and how many were negative? Perception drives us and affects whether we continue to buy from that company or not. Hearing stories about great working conditions and positive company culture is also more likely to convince people to carry on buying from a company when they believe that staff love working there and in turn, care about serving their customers.

Positive employee feedback and stories do attract custom, as well as driving positive media coverage too. Companies who care about cultivating a beneficial culture won’t have employees who spread negative messages or approach the media with scandals galore. A business that values its staff and customers generally won’t have any bad press circulating about them, concentrating instead on achievements and accomplishments to show to the media.

It’s not just about how the outside world perceives a culture either. Selling a business must also be done to its staff and prospective staff and this is especially important when it comes to attracting the best new talent. For help and advice with culture, perceptions and boosting engagement, speak to a PR Agency Cheltenham like targetgroup.co.uk/

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A great culture also encourages staff to work harder to see their company succeed and expand.  They will push harder for that new sale or engage more deeply in professional development, in turn pushing up productivity levels.

Company culture can be nurtured even across multiple offices and sites. Setting out a culture guideline means it can be encouraged and instilled in any area where a business operates. It’s important to keep it in the forefront as a topic, get staff involved, incorporate it into a business strategy and allow it evolve. These aspects make up the secret ingredients that make a successful business.

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