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Handy Are you the creative type and good with your hands? Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Then why not consider making your very own bespoke hand-made gifts? Be sure to make your loved ones feel extra special with one-off presents they will cherish forever.

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You might consider making your own deliciously scented soaps and boxing them up in a beautiful package designed by you. Or painted and perfumed pine cones in a lovely display basket to show off in front of the fireplace. With a few essential crafty bits, such as ribbon, glue and paint you can create a very personal item and be secure in the knowledge that it’s a gift that won’t be duplicated.http://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/homemade-christmas-gift-ideas.html

Another simple but fantastic idea is to create a special Christmas cushion or personalized name necklace. Take an old cushion or pillow and wrap it up like a present in Christmas fabrics.  Add a bow or beautifully tied ribbon and hey presto –  a festive and unique gift. This is also something that you could make very easily create for your own seasonal home decorating.  Imagine how happy your neighbour will be at your Park Homes Gloucester location.  To see how many homes there are, so you know how many cushions you need to make visit sites including parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park Left over material could be used to make soft ball ornaments to hang from the tree and have you ever thought that a hanging shoe rack could become your very own advent calendar? Imagine the fun you and the kids will have designing your very own countdown to the big day!

Create stockings for your family and friends in about 15 minutes with very little sewing knowledge required. The choice of material and design is entirely up to your imagination. In a similar way, hand-made greetings cards can also be made using the same equipment which can easily be picked up from your nearest craft store.

If you’re struggling to think of great ideas for the men in your family, then why make your own ipad, tablet or phone covers. The techy types will be thrilled with a gift that is so personal to them. Female friends may appreciate new slippers filled with home-made smellies or a kitchen apron made from old shirts. Bespoke jewelry is another idea that can be adapted to suit a person’s individual style and they will be safe in the knowledge that no-one else will be wearing that piece.

Your only limitations are time, budget and your imagination but if you are tired of buying the same boring gifts year after year, then it may be time to get creative. So this year, why not give a gift that tells that special someone you’ve really been thinking of them.

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