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You may not have given much thought to the colour of your front door. Many people simply use whatever they already have or go for whatever is on offer in their local DIY store. However, the colour homeowners choose could potentially be costing them money and turning off potential new tenants.

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In recent research, white proved to be the most popular colour for a front door, so if you are unsure what colour to choose, go for a solid white. Remember to keep it fresh looking; it will need a fresh coat every couple of years.

Stained or Varnished

Another popular choice is the natural look. Wood is easy to maintain and gives a nice homely feel, as long as it is protected from harsh weather conditions.

In addition to getting the outside décor right, landlords should also make sure they supply a thorough inventory, perhaps with help from property inventory software. If you’re asking yourself “why would I use property inventory software?”, the answer is that it makes the task simple and quick.

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All properties need to meet the regulatory guidelines, and any issues should be corrected before the tenants move in to avoid any unnecessary conflict and expense. Make sure the property inventory software also includes any specific equipment or other items that need to be included.


A black front door can look professional and tasteful, especially against light brickwork. If you are looking for a professional tenant, black is a good colour choice.

Greens, Greys and Light Blues

All these colours suit residential streets and look especially good on modern homes. Greens can look fresh and complement any greenery in the front garden space. Grey is a very modern colour, so it’s perfect for contemporary-style properties. Light blue is also proving very popular with homeowners.

The Classics

The three most popular colours that have been around for many years are red, green and blue. All of these traditional colours look good in any style of home.

What Colour Not To Choose

Any kind of bright colours can be off-putting as they can look unprofessional and even devalue a property. Pinks, lilacs and some yellows have proved unpopular and can give the impression that a property has been decorated on a budget and not to a high standard.

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