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Your brand and your businesses branding should be one and the same. It is a very important part of your businesses set up and has to run through every fibre of what you are putting out to clients and customers. The key word here is consistency. There should be consistency between your business card, the stationary that you use and definitely the content of the website that you have. With regards to that, Gloucester Website Design company Net 9 Design can certainly be a great help working with you to ensure that your company branding follows all other formats that it appears on.

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When we talk about branding, we are not just referring to the logo that you have chosen. It also comes down to the font that you use on your correspondence, the tone and the pitch of your voice, the appearance that you give everything is driven by the brand. If you look at the most successful organisation every piece of communication that you receive from them has the same feel to it. The theory is that when you look on a website or open some post you know instinctively that you are dealing with that company as it all looks the same and it all feels the same joined up process.

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Naturally this is a lot to consider and when you are setting out the look of the company and its branding you need to know that what you are settling on is right and proper for you. Don’t forget that this is an extension of yourself and that you are a good judge to. If you’re not happy with the look and feel of the branding that you are seeing, then change it and you should also make sure that your staff are aware of it so that you don’t find discrepancies with the message and how it is sent.

Think about some of the best examples of this. For example, the Oakleaf of the National Trust is easy to identify, and you know that a certain standard of language is going to be used. Not only that you know what font that letter will be before you open it and the colour that the marketing will take the form of. Another is Virgin. Richard Branson is as well-known as his companies’ operations are but everything from their website, staff and to their adverts all have the same branding and colour scheme running through it.

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