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How to start a successful business of the clubs. One of the most profitable businesses in our country are the nightclubs. The fun that includes good music, alcoholic beverages, and a pleasant atmosphere, generates great demand in young people and adults looking to have a good time, especially on weekends. So if you were looking for a business idea, starting a nightclub is an excellent option.

Why start a disco?the clubs

Going the route of the business of fun and night has a great advantage of success and profitability. “A standard business is between 8% and 10% of utility; a well-worn nightclub can get 35% to 40% useful, ” says Gianni Dasso, a member of the Bizarro nightclub.

What are the sources of income in a nightclub?the clubs

The strong revenues are in the sale of tickets and the sale of liquor. There is also income from sponsorship; that is when companies pay you to place your brand logo inside the establishment, for example.

On the other hand, keep in mind that in this business, the weekends represent 80% of the sales of a week. Keep reading- 5 tips to succeed in business

How to start and develop your business successfully?the clubs

First of all, you must make a good business plan, in which you determine precisely who your target audience will be and how much money you will need to start it. Then, you need a good administration, give the public news, and above all keep them satisfied.

From the beginning and during the development of your business you must record in your mind that the support of a disco is almost 100% music; so as long as it accompanies generational changes, it can survive. Oh, and do not forget to create an attractive name for your disco. This is how you can start the business of the clubs.

What do you need to start a disco?the clubs


Locate the location of your business in a strategic area; according to your target audience and circulation of people in the area. After that, you must give your establishment an acoustic treatment and adequate decoration.





Security Personnel


When hiring staff keep in mind that you will have to pay S / .850 as a minimum, for an 8-hour work, in addition to 35% of this amount; since it is a nighttime schedule.

Furniture and furnishingsthe clubs

Tables and chairs


Glasses, glasses, fountains, etc.


Air conditioner

Sound equipment, audio console, microphones and installation

Suppliesthe clubs

Beers, whiskey, pisco, vodka, and all the liquors and supplies you need to prepare drinks.


You must register your business in Sunat

Take out a municipal operating license

Take out a license to sell alcoholic beverages

Request certificate of civil defense (they deliver it to you after verifying the security conditions of your local)

How to promote your business?the clubs

There are many ways. You can hire promoters, use social networks, hire ads by radio, paste advertisements, etc.

Finally, when your business comes into operation, keep in mind the laws regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of cigarettes. We insist, a nightclub is a profitable business, but it must have the capacity to adapt to the generational changes of the public, take maximum care of the customer and renew the music according to the seasons. Do you dare to start this business? This is how you can start the business of the clubs.

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