What are the benefits of teleworking in your company? We give you five that will make you think about implementing this model in your company.

Increased productivity and reduced fixed costsbenefits of Teleworking

Higher productivity equals higher revenues and higher business growth, the predictable costs associated with the flexibility of investment in physical plant, technology and human resources that will respond to demand. With greater demand, growth of the organization with the inclusion of teleworkers; the lower the demand, the low fixed costs, that is, the reduction of fixed costs in the physical plant, maintenance, public services, the acquisition of hardware and software – taking advantage of the devices owned by the worker – affect the decrease in effort in equipment maintenance.

Improves the quality of life of workers and encourages teamwork

It has been shown that the collaborators of the organizations that work under this modality save: travel time, the money associated with fuel, parking or public transportation, food expenses and significant improvements in health when consuming food that they prepare at home.

Also, people reduce the stress derived from long journeys and improve family and neighborhood ties by having a greater physical presence in the home and other spaces for socialization.

Promote social inclusionbenefits of Teleworking

People with disabilities, deprived of liberty, vulnerable population or heads of families, find in this type of work an opportunity to be economically active thanks to information and communication technologies.

Recently, in Colombia, the pact for teleworking was signed with the justice sector, which will design and implement a master plan that allows the population deprived of liberty to train and subsequently be qualified to telework.

It contributes to the improvement of mobility in cities and reduces pollution rates

The carbon footprint is the measurement of the impact or the mark that a person leaves on the planet in their daily life, telework helps to reduce pollution thanks to the reduction of the movement of workers to the offices, which also contributes to the improvement of the mobility of cities and the reduction of traffic associated with working hours, which has a notable impact on the quality of life of citizens.

Boosts the use and appropriation of new technologiesbenefits of Teleworking

Technology is the fundamental support for the implementation of Telework, companies that invest in platforms for the development of this type of work gain in productivity and optimization of their ICT resources.

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