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For many businesses websites are a key element of their operation, and therefore, something that it pays to get right. A business like digitel are an expert Gloucester SEO company that will give you advice on how to build a website, get great content for it and even host your site. But when you’re looking for feedback on your business website there are some pitfalls that it’s easy to fall into.

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Be specific

When looking for opinions on a new website from colleagues within your business it’s important not to simply ask anyone who’s passing for their opinion. Focus on finding people in the parts of the company that are dealing with orders from the website and also those dealing with customers who are likely to use it.

When asking for feedback it’s also important to be specific, don’t just ask people if the like it – partly because you’re inviting a ‘no’. You need to ask questions related to the objectives of the website, who will be using it, and so on.

Design feedback

Companies offering web design will be quick to tell you that design is a key feature of any website. When asking for feedback on your site, therefore, it’s crucial to focus on design specifics that people like and don’t like.

Are there parts that are hard to read or hard to navigate for example, are some page elements slow to load? You also need to think about who will be using the website and what their needs are. Do you need to consider things like print size and contrast in relation to your audience, for example. Remember that sites have to have some measure of disabled access by law – https://www.out-law.com/page-330.

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Ask people to think about how they would use the site, which areas they would go to first and what features attract them to click on links.


If you’re in the middle of a design makeover, you need to get feedback in a timely manner. Setting a timetable for people to deliver their comments, is therefore, something you need to do. When changes are made and fed back to people to comment, they again need a commitment to delivering their views by a specified time.

It’s important that you take all views into account too. Don’t just respond to the ones that respond quickest or are the most vocal. Consider everyone’s views, particularly if there’s a consensus between a number of people on a specific feature.

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