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Working from home is the goal of many people who would like to enjoy all the advantages that this entails compared to doing it in a company, such as being able to work in a comfortable environment, being able to establish our own schedules, being able to be close to our loved ones, be able to save time in getting ready and go to a work center, and be able to save money on tickets and food.

However, just as there are several advantages to working from home, there are also several disadvantages, such as a possible lack of motivation and discipline (because you do not have someone who is telling you what to do or controlling what he does), the various distractions to which one is exposed, and the lack of interaction with other people; but they do not have to be an obstacle in our goal of working from home if we put some advice into practice.


The following are 8 tips that will help you to deal with the disadvantages of working from home. But also to be more productive in your work.

1. Define your workplaceworking from home

One of the main disadvantages of working from home is a possible lack of motivation and discipline, because you do not have someone telling you what to do or controlling what you do, people with whom you interact or converse, and The support of other people, for example, when you have a question about how to do a task or a problem with the computer.

To face this disadvantage, but also to be more productive, the first thing you should do once you have made the decision to work from home is to clearly define your place or workspace, making sure you choose a place away from the noise, with good lighting and ventilation, and enough space, and then try to work only in this, without this means that sometimes you can not be flexible and work in other places in your home such as your living room or your patio, or places outside of this such as a park or a cafeteria, in order to break the routine.

2. Give your workplace the right atmosphereworking from home

To face the possible lack of motivation and discipline, but also to be more productive, once you have defined your workplace, give it the right environment so you can work efficiently and comfortably.

To do this, procure your workplace a good lighting and a suitable temperature, and enable it with a desk with enough space so that you can place on this your computer and your other work tools, a comfortable chair, a shelf where you can save your documents, a phone with a different phone line to your home, and some decorative elements that motivate you to be and work there such as some paintings and plants.

3. Set your work schedulesworking from home

To deal with the possible lack of motivation and discipline, and be more productive, it is also advisable to clearly establish your work schedules, trying to establish schedules where you start working well early in the morning, stop working not too late, and have enough hours of rest so you can renew your energies.

And once you have established your work schedules, be sure to respect them, but just as in the case of defining a workplace, this does not mean you can not be flexible and from time to time you work more than usual to complete a job. important work or you take a greater rest when you feel very exhausted, or when you just want to clear your mind a little.

4. Plan your workworking from home

To deal with the possible lack of motivation and discipline that comes with working from home. And increase your productivity, make sure you also always plan your work well.

Set clear objectives for the long, medium and short term, establish the jobs or activities that you are going to carry out in order to achieve those objectives, make lists of tasks to be done for the next days, and then make sure to follow the plan, but as in the previous case, without this meaning that you can not be flexible and over time you change your goals, your priorities, or the jobs or activities you are going to do.

5. Do not work excessivelyworking from home

When working from home it is easy to lose motivation and discipline and, therefore, not work enough, but also, one by not having someone who is telling you what to do or controlling what you do, and not being forced to follow a work schedule, the opposite effect can happen and end up working excessively, which in the long run could decrease your productivity instead of increasing it and even affecting your health.

To avoid working excessively try to work only in your workplace, respect your work schedules, and take enough breaks, keeping in mind that these help you to clear your mind and renew your energies and that, on the contrary, if you work several hours, in the end, you will end up exhausted physically and mentally, negatively affecting your productivity, your efficiency and, above all, your creativity.

6. Maintain good postureworking from home

Because when working from home one usually spends several hours a day in front of the computer, it is easy for one to end up with health problems such as back, neck, shoulder and head pains, discomfort in the elbows, legs, and eyes, and even serious spinal injuries, if you usually sit in bad posture.

Therefore, always try to sit in a good position, which means sitting with your back straight. And well supported on the back of the chair. Making sure that your eyes are at the height of the top of the computer screen. And that your arms and forearms are at a 90-degree angle when using the keyboard; But also, every so often tries to take brief breaks to stretch or do some exercise. And fix the view at a point away from the screen to avoid eye fatigue.

7. Avoid distractionsworking from home

Another disadvantage of working from home is that one can easily have distractions due to the different distractions to which he is exposed such as the television, the telephone and the relatives with whom one lives, who might not understand that the work they do One performs the same as any other, and interrupt it constantly for any reason, or make noise near your workplace.

To avoid distractions, in addition to choosing a workplace away from the noise, you could take some measures such as disable the notifications of your smartphone and your email when you are working, close your social networks and any other web page or application that I could distract you, and talk to your relatives to respect your work, try not to interrupt unless it is something important, and do not make noise when they are near your place of work.

8. Do not stop interacting with other people

Another disadvantage or disadvantage of working from home is the lack of physical interaction with other people, which in addition to diminishing one’s motivation and productivity, can cause a feeling of loneliness or isolation, and even affect their health.

To avoid the consequences of the lack of physical interaction with other people, always spend some time to be with your family, do not stop frequenting your friends, and regularly perform activities that force you to be away from home and interact physically with others people; For example, take a classroom course, practice a sport, enroll in the gym. Or simply go to public places and talk to other people.