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Professional life generates stress that is often difficult to overcome: projects to be delivered in short time, speaking at meetings, quantified objectives to achieve, etc. We share some tips to overcome stress at work. If stress sometimes helps us to excel, it is often bad for employees and the company. Here are 8 tips to be more serene at work.

Tips for overcoming stress at work

1.A healthy lifestylestress at work

Stress management starts with a healthy lifestyle.

The practice of a physical activity allows emptying and better manage stress. If you do not have time to exercise regularly, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or go for the walk

Try to eat balanced and limit the sugars that increase blood sugar in the blood. Better to focus on fruits, nuts, and vegetables that contain antioxidants and counteract the effects of stress

Sleep is essential. It improves memory and learning ability, reduces stress, tension, and anxiety and regulates blood pressure.

2.Organization and objectivesstress at work

Is your workload too important? Do you have trouble organizing your tasks? Do you lack autonomy in your post? Learn to organize, prioritize and communicate. Nothing prevents you from explaining to your supervisor that the objectives set are not achievable within the required time or that you need more autonomy in your work.

3.The benefits of relaxation and meditationstress at work

Relaxation and meditation are very simple practices that you can do wherever you are and will only take a few minutes a day. Because they are based on good management of breathing, they reduce the level of stress, allow to empty and relieve muscle tension. The hardest part is spending time in your daily routine.

4.Optimism and self-confidencestress at work

Since stress is first and foremost in the head (even if it is felt physically), adopting a positive attitude and trusting yourself can overcome the most stressful situations. Mental conditioning is controlling one’s thoughts. Try to condition yourself to success to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

5. Do you take breaksstress at work

It’s not because your workload is important and you run out of time to finish your tasks that you can not give yourself a break. A 10-minute break several times a day is essential to de-stress and be more efficient in your work. Avoid screens, get fresh air, read a book or magazine. In short, try to relax. Continue reading- 10 tricks to overcome sleep at work

6.Learn to say nostress at work

Do not be afraid to say “no I do not have the time” to a colleague or a superior when the workload is too important. These understand it. They too are sometimes overwhelmed. It is one of the tips for overcoming stress at work.

7.Limit emails and phonestress at work

When you’re already stressed, watching your phone, answering calls or emails further increases your anxiety. If possible, try letting the phone ring and do not check your mailbox when you have a task to complete.

8. Identify the cause of the stressstress at work

If you can not relax despite these tips, you probably suffer from chronic stress. You must then identify the causes. These can be multiple: malaise at work, family life, illness, etc. Putting your finger on your problem will help you solve it better. It is one of the tips for overcoming stress at work.

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