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To attract more patients to your office is not enough to be the best professional and sit and wait. The medical services market is extremely competitive.

If you are a medical specialist, dentist, dentist or psychologist, you’re probably interested in learning these infallible techniques to attract more patients at the same time, and keep them loyal.

You see, some of them are very simple and are designed so you can implement them very inexpensive, almost without spending a single penny and using your resources.

Business1. Calls references to your current patients

If you have a database of your customers, then the best known way to create a new portfolio is calling them and asking them to give you a couple of referrals and in return you to present them a small service of you. For example, if you are a dentist, a free evaluation or dental cleaning for each referral that becomes your customer you could offer.

Eye is very important that the prize refer to a new customer, you will receive once the latter has actually hired your services. That way you make sure you are giving the compensation in exchange for a new customer. And for that you can design some flyers in word or publisher to email and promote your referral program.

2. Testimonials and success stories

One of the most important things when someone searches for health services is trust. Much more than the price, people want to know that they will attend an experienced professional who knows his job and who will feel safe.

Under this context it is important to have on hand several success stories from your patients treated. Try to document some of your most relevant clinical cases and publish either in your professional Facebook page or to your blog. The latter is ideal for all sorts of goals and you will further strengthen your specialty.

Be sure to include some photos of before and after and if along the way you can record some testimonial videos and upload them to your YouTube channel, even better.

These success stories also give you a competitive edge over other professionals of the same sector.

3. Promote your services and products online

Usually health professionals have the opportunity to promote and let people know them. Unless either by reference. Today, however that is possible thanks to the Internet.

You must create a short video of no more than 5 minutes where you can talk about your specialty, your professionalism and especially about the value of your business and why your clinic is different.

Upload it to your YouTube channel and discover how to become a powerful weapon to convey confidence and attract more customers to your office.

4. Flatters something to attract a first visit

Nothing more efficient to attract first visits to use the word “free”. Marketing specialists know that promotions and gift concept attracted wide attention from anyone.

So long as promotions or announce your services sure to include any special offers where obsequies something free. There has to represent something expensive, however it may be a basic service costing anyway recover when the client hire your services.

5. Create your own blog and build your brand

As well as heard. Your brand is yourself. As a professional, your name will go positioning itself as a unique specialist that eventually people will recognize the point of paying anything for you can help you.

Build that brand can take years of work. But today, this process can be accelerated thanks to the Internet. So you can open your first blog using free tools like (Blogger) and start generating content writing about different topics of interest to your patients and prospective customers.

  • In a blog you can write practical and simple tips on different conditions
  • Answer questions from your patients so that others can see them
  • Suggest home treatments or how to react to certain emergencies
  • Expand about other services you offer and your patients sometimes unknown
  • Post your success stories
  • Mention your specialties and / or new studies completed
  • Talk about your awards

In short, a blog is one of the most powerful tools available to strengthen your reputation and your personal brand constitute. Best of all, you can open it today and not cost you a penny.

6. Generate alliances with other professionals

Another major strategies that work is to create alliances with other professionals. But when we say partnership we mean a serious strategy of exchanging referrals and not something casual.

I mean you can meet with other professionals in your bouquet and other specialties to build together a portal for medical services that everyone can feed and help to further enhance imaging to attract more patients to your office.

7. Establishes family packages

Telephone use this marketing strategy and it works very well. Why settle for attending a child alone if you can to tend to the other two brothers and parents?

Depending on where your services are, in most cases you can offer family packages with special discounts if the entire nuclear family hires you.

They feel benefit a special price and you will have not only a patient but three or more which represents you better income.

8. Upgrade your patient service levels

Keep regular hours. One of the practices that can make you lose patients is to attend irregularly. When the doctor is sometimes and not others it creates frustration in the patient and ends up leaving to request your services.

Be sure to plan ahead and have a defined schedule with which you can meet and publish your media clearly.

Evaluate your patients seen. Every company must evaluate at any time the quality of your service and your case is no exception. Ask your secretary to develop a small survey of 10 questions and that all patients treated passes before leaving the clinic.

In this survey you should evaluate what she likes your patient your professional attention and that is the least liked and that you can improve.

There are cases, for example where everything can be wonderfully well, except that the building has a secure parking or rather the number listed in the phone book does not work and it took reach you, anyway. Mil factors could influence a patient goes well attended and eager to return and refer.

It provides added value. Give something your patients expect is not the best way to conquer them. How about a courtesy call at night to see how continued their recovery?

Give away a toy for small children after being treated, a kit of basic cleaning dental patient or candy to the accompanying conveys a sense of warmth we all cherish.

Provide a brochure with more tips to prescription or refer you to your blog so that they can obtain more information of value for the treatment to be effective are just one of the many things you can offer as added value and ensure that your patients coming back again.

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.