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Here’s why you need to have an FAQ page for your customers.

It is still very common to find digital entrepreneurs who think that the FAQ only exists to have more content to put on the site or to make it more “cute”. So our mission here today is to show that this thinking is totally wrong.

If you also have no idea how a sales FAQ can contribute to your business results, continue reading. We’ve separated 7 (great) reasons for you to create a sales FAQ on your site right now.

Want to see?

First of all, what is FAQ?Create a Sales FAQ

You can not list all the top reasons for making a sales FAQ for your site if you have no idea or have questions about what that term is.

Many even think they know, but they do not understand the real potential of an FAQ. So let’s start there.

As you may have guessed, FAQ is really an acronym. More precisely for the English words Frequently Asked Questions, which in Portuguese would be something like “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Just visit the website for a product you like to find an FAQ there, (especially if it’s from a technology company). And yes, perhaps the page has a different name, but the structure is the same: several questions that customers usually ask before the purchase followed by their answers. Keep Reading http://evolutionsofar.com/business-online/how-to-increase-the-number-of-sales-on-our-website/

Never noticed and want a quick example to better understand what it is about?

Access the Hotmart FAQ here and see how simple the idea is.

One thing is certain: no matter the size or segment, any business can – and should – have an FAQ page. It is no wonder that today we see FAQs on event sites (shows, festivals, presentations, etc.) and even in virtual stores.

The reason? The FAQ not only leads to increased sales but also strengthens your brand presence.

Want to understand how? That’s what we’re going to explain now.

Top Reasons to Have an FAQ on Your Site

That the FAQ is a section of the site that answers the questions of people who have some interest in your product, we know. But why is this so important? Continue reading- The 10 best jobs from home

We separate the 7 main reasons. Let’s check everyone out?

1.Search engines love FAQsCreate a Sales FAQ

Who does not want to appear early in Google’s results when a potential customer does a search related to the solution you offer?

That’s why the first reason to have an FAQ is very convincing: search engines usually rank these pages well.

Appearing well on Google is relevant, especially if you are starting to undertake and want to increase your brand reach. So you have one more chance for people to come to you.

Of course, the FAQ is just one of the ways to do this. In order to even be well in Google results, you need to understand and apply the various SEO techniques.

So, know how to use the FAQ in your favor and you’ll have more chances with Google.

Are you going to let this opportunity pass? Also check this article https://therecreationplace.com/technology-news/how-to-easily-discover-if-a-domain-or-user-name-is-available-on-the-web/

2.Help in the user experienceCreate a Sales FAQ

It’s no secret that anyone who thinks of the user experience in every detail comes out ahead. But what many do not see is that having a well-crafted FAQ is still another way to put that thought into practice.

The potential client that enters your site and has the doubts resolved is at least satisfied to have answers.

However, one who has come and gone full of questions will need to start a conversation via chat or phone, which demands more time. Or even worse and more common: the potential customer closes the page, does other activities and forgets his product or chooses the competition.

So having a tab that leads to a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your site improves the user experience. After all, he wants information quickly and in a few clicks.

3.Less work

Just think a little to realize that having an FAQ available on your site saves a lot of work and time in the calls. Whether you have someone or a responsible team as your own, you answer questions from potential customers by phone or chat (on the website itself, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.).

In the latter case, as is the case with many entrepreneurs here, this has an even greater weight. Not to mention, of course, in the day to day of your business, different people end up asking the same or very similar questions several times a day.

If the main questions are common, can you imagine just how many people reading the solution FAQ would have their answers without having to contact you directly?

And with fewer calls, you’d gain more agility to respond to specific issues and difficulties, as well as time to devote to other tasks.

With more time and less volume, the quality of the service itself and in other activities grows. In other words, everyone wins.

4.It’s simple to do

As if all we talked about and we are still going to talk about in this article, there is another equally important reason for creating your FAQ: it is very simple to do.

After all, as we mentioned before, whoever has a product and is always talking to the people interested in it knows well which are the most common and important doubts. All you have to do is put all that on paper.

In addition to listening to people, here you study your product and your target audience thoroughly to understand what questions might arise.

There is no secret and of course, it can do a bit of work at first, but there are no difficulties as it is your solution and your consumers. Continue reading- 17 legitimate ways to earn money online

And believe: these questions may even come up with ideas to improve or create other solutions for your audience.

5.Help in content marketingCreate a Sales FAQ

Another point that many entrepreneurs do not realize is that the FAQ can also be used as part of their content marketing strategy.

This is because it is a page with the doubts of the public and the answers of the company, that is, it is a true dialogue between brand and people.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to your potential customers: use terms that they use that are easy to understand and, above all, that arouse interest for the purchase.

Of course, even by writing clear answers and using copywriting techniques, there are hundreds of sales that will not happen at that time – and neither should they. Your audience goes through times when you’re not ready for the purchase, and that needs to be respected.

The good part is that even if the sale does not take place in the first reading of the FAQ, curiosity and interest have already been awakened. You can even remarket to re-impact the people who viewed the page and deliver more content of value to them.

In addition, when a product has an FAQ, the consumer feels more secure, it is a way for the brand to exercise honesty. On the contrary, when a page does not have this, the product becomes a mystery to the customer.

Without trust, there is no relationship with the public, and without the relationship, there is no marketing.

6.More salesCreate a Sales FAQ

Summing up what we’ve been talking about so far: With the FAQ, you tend to appear to more people on Google, improve their experience on the site, save time to improve the business, and even contribute to your content marketing.

So the question would be: if all this happens, how could you not sell more?

In fact, if the person finds all the answers he needs alone, he can make the decision for himself and quickly. Already a visitor who does not find the answers you need on the site can even give up the purchase instead of contacting you to clarify doubts.

Selling more happens to be still natural if you create a well thought out, simple and useful FAQ for people. To do so, reinforce the problems that your solution solves, highlight what has the best and conquer even potential customers undecided.

7.More loyal customersCreate a Sales FAQ

What good is it to sell if you can not retain the customer after the first purchase?

Especially if you bear in mind that keeping a customer is much cheaper than getting a new one. And even then the good FAQ can help.

That’s because if you could explain on that page what the product is, a lot of the people who get it will do it with awareness, knowing what they bought. And that will drive out onlookers or consumers looking for something you do not offer.

This is where loyalty comes in: most customers come to know what to expect or not from their solution. No one better than you to tell her this, and your own website.

Even because it is not only about the qualities and functionalities that you will expose in your FAQ. There is the right place for you to include the main issues regarding freight (if any), payment terms, privacy policies, terms of use, etc.

Are you convinced?

It may be that to date you, like most entrepreneurs, have not stopped to think about the benefits that creating a well-structured FAQ can do for you. But now, with this post, we hope that this has become clearer.

Of course, these are just a few reasons, surely the FAQ goes far beyond what we explain here.

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