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The logistics business is all activities and processes taking place in an organization in order to transport, store and efficiently distribute raw materials, materials and products to arrive at their destination in good condition.

Good logistics is a key element for business productivity and ensure customer satisfaction, then it becomes necessary to pay special attention to the logistics processes of our company and look for ways to optimize them to make them more efficient.

Logistics of a enterpriseIn order to optimize logistics in a company you need to work on 7 C’s of logistics , each of which is a key element that will streamline our organization. Then I invite you to learn more about this approach.

7 enterprise logistics

Having available the right product: It is important that our suppliers provide us with raw materials ideal for the production of products or the provision of services features. This principle also applies in logistics from the point of view of marketing, i.e. It is essential to offer the right product for our market niche.

The correct amount: Keeping inventories with the right amounts guarantee better use of resources and the loss or deterioration of materials, raw materials and products is minimized.

The right conditions: We must be very careful with transport and storage, especially when working with organic, fragile products or with a short shelf life is necessary to ensure that products and materials have adequate packaging to keep it in conditions Optimal until you reach your destination. The stores and warehouses must be adequate to protect the products stored there, otherwise you run a very high risk that the products lose their optimal characteristics.

Right place: Everything must be in place, with that maximizing efficiency is achieved. Something very important to the production area.

The right time: Time is too valuable to waste resources, so we must get things right in time are in place that should be Just In Time The methodology is based on this principle and has been the key to success various Japanese companies.

For the right customer: All our efforts will be in vain if we are not addressing the right target. It is vital that our business model point to the segment of “ideal” customers and our processes are organized so that we can put our product in the hands of the customer at the right time and place.

Right cost: The cost efficiency is a determining factor. We must choose solutions that provide greater cost advantages without sacrificing quality and optimum product. Is it advisable to transport by air, sea or land? Should we use cardboard or other material? Is it better to hire an external storage or do on our own ?, etc.

Companies can choose to outsource logistics processes or acquire their own vehicles loading, transport and distribution. It is up to each business to decide what is best for you according to different principles mentioned. If you decide to purchase goods vehicles for your business, there are solutions on the market as the new, which is designed to become a key element of your business, giving you power, performance, technology, safety and comfort.

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